HMK Boots, Jackets & Apparel

Technologically superior design is the hallmark of HMK boots and apparel. With their excellent heel hold, forward lean, aggressive tread pattern, and an extra toasty Thermal Foam liner, all in a lightweight design, you'll be riding high this winter in a new set of HMK boots. HMK also has a growing line of jackets, gloves, backpacks and more to keep you comfortable on your sled for a long day on the mountain or trail. From the HMK Boa series to the HMK Voyager boots, quality and performance remain the top priority and should provide years of warmth while riding your sled. Don't forget about the rest of your body. HMK also manufactures gloves, jackets and headwear too. Check out our full line of HMK boots and apparel today!