The Harley V-Rod is something of a rebel in the Harley-Davidson family. First produced in 2001, these bikes broke in the new century with a brand new liquid cooled Revolution engine, a project taken on by Harley and Porsche. These big and bold machines made quite a splash when they came onto the scene, polarizing the Harley fan base. But whether you’re a fan or not, you simply can’t deny that these bikes have some power. And with that power comes a bold style that we can easily appreciate. Here at Dennis Kirk, we were sorry to see the end of V-Rod production, and we are devoted to making sure that you can keep yours on the road as long as possible. That’s why we’ve made sure to stock a great selection of Harley VRSC aftermarket parts.

The bold look of a V-Rod deserves bold aftermarket parts. Our handlebar grips, mirrors, and other body parts will go perfectly with the V-Rod style.

If you want more power or performance out of your bike, then we recommend looking at our engine, exhaust and drivetrain components. Whether you want an upgrade or just a replacement part, we should have what you need.

V-Rods are known for a lot of things, but none of those things are their comfy pillion seat. If you are hauling passengers, then you should check out our back rests. They’ll keep your passenger comfy, and look great while they do it.

We’re going to miss seeing new V-Rods every year… But, that can’t be helped now. All we can do now is make sure that you and your V-rod are out as much as possible. Thank you for shopping at Dennis Kirk, and keep riding for us.