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Maybe you felt the pulsing when you brake, maybe you’re tired of listening to the squealing every time you stop at a red light. But that pulsing is important; that’s your bike tapping you on the shoulder, getting your attention. That screeching? That’s just your Harley whispering “I need new brake discs please.” Don’t worry, here at Dennis Kirk, we are fluent in Harley and we know exactly what you need. You’ll find the perfect brake rotor, right here.

When picking the right Harley brake rotor, you really have two options and one big choice to make; that is the choice between fixed and floating rotors.

Fixed rotors are the old standard; they are made of one sheet of metal, usually stainless steel, and they do a great job of bringing you to a halt, provided that they don’t get too hot. When fixed brake discs get too hot, they warp. That can happen when people ride aggressively or spend a lot of time on the brake. If your brakes are pulsing, that could be a sign of a warping, in which case we think you might want to consider a floating rotor.

Floating brake discs are perfect for anyone with an aggressive riding style. They have the same stainless-steel outer edge, but the inner circle is made of aluminum. Because these discs have a little bit of “floating room” where the aluminum and steel meet, it allows for expansion. That way, the rotor can heat up and expand, then cool down and shrink back, all without warping.
The designs you see carved into each rotor are primarily for cooling; but they can also look cool. Which pattern would be best for you is entirely subjective, so you might as well pick one that will look good with your bike!

With a little bit of reflection, finding the right Harley brake disc should be quick and easy. Especially when you use our Ride Selector at the top of the page. Our fast and friendly warehouse team will get your order out as quick as they can, meaning you’ll be back on your bike in no time.