Harley-Davidson Beverage Holders & Mugs

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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 71
On a sunny August afternoon, Harley owners want to spend their time cruising down the road, not stopped on the side of it. But thirst comes quickly on those warm days – and we’re not talking about the thirst for speed. Feeling parched for hours at a time, or having to pull over every 20 minutes to get a drink, aren’t appealing options for the passionate rider. If you’re looking for a third option, pick up a Harley beverage holder from Dennis Kirk. By adding a sturdy drink holder to your motorcycle, you can keep a bottle of water, soda or other favorite beverage handy for whenever your lips are feeling dry.

With all the natural rumbles and vibrations of a classic Harley-Davidson, you need a sturdy perch for your beverage, and our inventory blows away the flimsy holders you’ll find elsewhere. These holders are made from durable steel, and many are plated with chrome for additional strength and flash. When you mount a Harley cup holder to your handlebars, clutch mount or brake perch mount, a cool beverage is always easily within reach without being obtrusive. A mesh basket drink holder provides additional stability, and if you order a holder with a swivel or ball mount, you can adjust the positioning to meet your preferences.

A quality cup holder deserves a quality cup, and we carry stainless steel Harley mugs for both hot and cold drink. These spill-proof travel mugs are easy to grasp and come with cup holders, for you to enjoy everything from your morning coffee to your afternoon energy drink while on the run. We also have Harley passenger beverage holders that attach to the grab rails to keep your riding partner hydrated, along with can koozies and traditional mugs for home use. At Dennis Kirk, we know that rider comfort is as important as performance, which is why we carry the best Harley drink holders and ship them the same day to quench your thirst on long rides.