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When you need to speed up fast or stop faster, you need lines that are up to the challenge. Since 1969, Goodridge has been leading the industry in fluid transfer components, producing lines and hoses that send your brake fluid, oil and gas where they need to be when you need them. Founded by former professional racer Stuart Goodridge and based on aerospace technology, the British company now has plants around the world that meet rigorous quality standards. At Dennis Kirk, you can find Goodridge lines and Goodridge hose for all parts of your motorcycle at the lowest guaranteed prices.

Goodridge’s motorcycle division is best known for offering the best in braking performance for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Made from braided stainless steel, Goodridge brake lines won’t expand when they’re under pressure, giving you precise stopping power when you need it. An inert PTFE liner makes them usable with all brake fluid types at temperatures up to 500 degrees, and the PVC coating provides protection against abrasions, water moisture and UV damage. We have Goodridge brake line kits for numerous motorcycle models, with all bolts, washers and clamps for installation.

Goodridge fuel lines and Goodridge oil lines are made to provide the same leak-free fluid transfer and great performance. Dangerous chemicals have no chance of escaping these well-constructed lines, and their bright chrome finish adds some style to your ride. With our Find Parts Fast tool, it’s easy to find the right lines for your make, model and year. If you can’t find the right sized oil hose, you can order an oversized hose and cut it down to size for use with your existing hose ends.

Dennis Kirk has an unmatched selection of Goodridge parts and accessories, including bleeder valves, finishers, fittings and other hardware. We also have the most knowledgeable service in the industry, and our experts are available to answer your questions. We’re ready to ship your new Goodridge lines to you today, and offer free shipping on orders over $89 to go with our low prices.