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As any Harley-Davidson owner knows, summers are for riding, and you want to spend your free time relaxing as you rumble down the open road. But if a gasket or seal gives out in your motorcycle engine, the only place you’ll be rumbling is in the shop as you or your mechanic thrashes away on repairs. Genuine James Gaskets has been producing Harley-Davidson gaskets since 1979. Genuine James was founded by enthusiast James Clark after he became dissatisfied with the available sealing technology. They have since become known worldwide for their quality engine sealing solutions.

Dennis Kirk carries hundreds of Genuine James motorcycle gaskets, seals and accessories to keep your Harley-Davidson from springing leaks. Simply put, you can fill the space between any two mating surfaces in your engine or drivetrain using a Genuine James gasket or seal. We carry top end gaskets, low end gaskets, port gaskets for exhaust systems, primary cover gaskets for transmissions, clutch cover gaskets and much more. We also carry O-ring seals, mainshaft oil seals and other “mini-gaskets” for use during assembly and other maintenance.

Genuine James seals aren’t just limited to the powerplant of your bike. We also carry seals for motorcycle suspensions, brakes, electrical systems and any other area. Find fork seals and dust seals to keep your fork and front wheel running smoothly, along with fork drain screw kits to replace rusty old fasteners. Your starter and shifters will work for years after installing solenoid mount gaskets, starter housing gaskets and shifter shaft seals. You can even get wheel hub oil seals to keep your wheels rotating and rust-free.

In addition to individual parts, make sure to also shop our Genuine James gasket kits, which include all the gaskets, seals and accessories you need for transmission repairs, cam changes, carburetor changes and more. Dennis Kirk offers free same-day shipping on any order over $89 to go with our guaranteed low prices, along with no-hassle returns and exchanges. Browse our inventory today or contact our tech team to find the right Genuine James gaskets and seals for your favorite ride.