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Experienced motorsport enthusiasts know it doesn’t really matter how much power your engine makes if that power doesn’t ultimately make it to the wheels (or in a snowmobile’s case, the track). If you’re looking to maximize power to every component of your machine, trust the Gates Corporation to make it happen. Gates is the world’s leading power transmission belt manufacturer, producing premium drive belts for virtually every powersport. Dennis Kirk’s inventory of Gates drive belts for Harleys, snowmobiles and ATVs will outperform and outlast any other belt on the market.

Ever since their founding in 1911, Gates has earned their reputation for quality, technological innovation and reliability. That’s because Gates drive belts are tested in extreme conditions and proven on the race track before they arrive in our inventory. Both snowmobile and ATV racers have driven to victory using the same Gates G-Force Drive Belts you can order for your ride. These belts are constructed with aramid or carbon tensile cords for excellent strength and minimal stretching. They also match your transmission and pulley just like their OEM counterpart, so you get superior throttle response and acceleration with no clutching adjustments necessary.

Harley-Davidson owners can find a variety of Gates rear drive belts, using the same superior tensile cord materials with OEM-style top ribbing. In addition to acting as OEM replacements, these belts can also be used on Karata belt systems. And any powersport owner can improve their ride’s performance with Gates fuel lines. Low permeation fuel lines are available for both carbureted and fuel-injected engines to get more fuel to your motor while using Greenshield technology to prevent leaks.

Gates knows that using a quality part now will save you money and headaches later, which is why they engineer their high-performance parts to last up to five times longer than their competition. Order today from Dennis Kirk and get free shipping on orders over $89 along with no hassle returns and exchanges. With quality Gates drive belts and fuel lines, you’ll know you’re getting the most out of every part of your ride.