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Frogg Toggs Motorcycle Rain Gear

Frogg Toggs Outerwear
Frogg Toggs motorcycle rain gear offers riders everything that they are looking for: waterproof, windproof, breathable, lightweight and packable. In 1996, Frogg Toggs Outerwear burst onto the scene with their revolutionary new style of rain suits. They are truly unlike any other style of waterproof gear. Because it is highly breathable, you are able to stay dry from your own perspiration as well as from the rain. The lightweight aspect of the gear allows you to retain mobility to be able to maneuver your bike the way you need to for safe riding. Frogg Toggs rain gear packs down to a very small size, which is a tremendous advantage for all riders with the limited space available on a motorcycle. To keep you cool in the summer months, the Chilly Dana and Chilly Pad use evaporation, yet remain dry to the touch.

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