Riding Eyewear & Casual Eyewear

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Viewing Results 1 - 38 of 204
Not only is eye protection a good idea to have when riding, but in most places, it is prohibited by law to ride without it. Riding eyewear prevents any debris, rocks, bugs, etc. from getting into your eyes while you’re riding your machine. This is done by using impact resistant lenses, foam seals to keep air and debris out, and by having a tight fit so they do not come off in the wind. A simple pair of sunglasses just won’t cut it when put up against the harsh conditions of riding on the street or trail.

Riding eyewear comes in a wide variety of styles, but the ones you choose are largely determined by the type of helmet that you wear (or don’t wear). MX or dirt bike goggles are designed to fit and fill the openings of MX helmets as flush as possible so that as much dust is kept out as possible. They also have a large strap to fit around the helmet. Motorcycle style goggles are generally smaller and have a strap that fits around your head. They are meant to be worn with half helmets or with no helmet at all. They can also be worn with open face helmets. Riding glasses look fairly similar to regular sunglasses, but have a few features that make them suitable for riding. First, the lenses are made with an impact resistant polycarbonate. Second, many riding glasses feature foam gaskets around the rims to prevent air and debris from hitting the eyes.

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