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Power Commander is one of many premier products from Dynojet Research. They are the world leader in the development and manufacturing of performance enhancement products and tools, and their fuel management and diagnostic products give you what you need to maximize performance and increase efficiency. Discover the advantages of products like the Dynojet Power Commander the Dynojet Power Vision, and Dynojet Autotune. With the right Dynojet Power Commander for your ride you'll start enjoying better performance and fuel economy. At Dennis Kirk, we have the best selection of Dynojet products for the lowest prices guaranteed for everything from your Harley to your snowmobile.

In about 15 minutes, you can have a Power Commander installed to your bikes ECU and have the power of the best fuel injection adjustment unit on the market. The Power Commander plugs inline with the bikes ECU without any splicing or cutting of the harness. With this device, you will have a wide range of adjustments to your bike's fuel curves. When the Dynojet Power Commander is unplugged, your motorcycle's stock ECU settings are returned. The Power Commander delivers the exact amount of fuel at the precise times that your bike needs it.

Dynojet also produces some of the very best jet kits to give your carbureted machine the best fuel performance possible. They offer different stages to meet your specific needs. The jet kits will increase the power and smoothness throughout the entire rev range, all while maintaining optimum fuel economy.

When you buy Dynojet fuel components like the Power Commander from Dennis Kirk, you will be getting the best fuel performance from your bike at the lowest prices guaranteed.