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As motorcycles become more powerful and advanced, the electronics systems that drive them become more advanced as well. Onboard electronics are a hidden yet effective way to coax better performance out of your machine, bringing out the power from your engine, exhaust and transmission that was previously hidden from view. Working with motorcycle builders and racers across the globe, Dynatek has become the leader in performance electronics that act as the key to unlocking modern motorcycles.

Riders of all stripes can reap performance gains from our selection of Dynatek motorcycle electronics and accessories. Their signature product is the Dyna 2000 ignition system for four-stroke Harley-Davidsons and sport bikes, which uses a state-of-the-art ignition module and adjustable crank trigger to help you set your ignition timing for optimal horsepower and torque. You can also use a variety of curve modes and outputs, and the sport bike option even allows you to program your ignition from your computer. Metric cruiser owners can get the same benefits using the Dyna 3000, a plug-and-play model that mounts onto your factory location.

Other Dynatek ignition systems are top performers in their own right. A standard Dynatek S ignition lets you adjust the cylinder timing with easy installation. Racers will love the Winner’s Edge Digital Performance system that gives 800 percent more spark energy then standard and also overrides the factory reverse rev limiter and belt indicator. A number of other electronic controls are also available to fine-tune your ride. Dynatek fuel injection controllers allow you to enrich or lean the fuel mixture as needed for racing or cruising, while a handlebar switch map for the Dyno 3000 gives you the ability to switch ignition modes mid-ride.

With Dynatek, you can find all of the coils, programming kits, rev limiters and other accessories you need to make your bike perform the way it was meant to. Four-wheeled riders can find ATV performance ignition systems and coil kits as well. Dennis Kirk has been providing the best powersports equipment for nearly half a century, and we offer free same-day shipping on any order over $89 to go with our guaranteed lowest prices.