When you use DWT tires and wheels, you embrace the same passion and dedication racers around the world trust on their machines. After building 40 national championship-winning go-karts in eight years as a founding owner of Pro Line, Doug Henline formed Douglas Wheel Technologies in 1991. In the quarter century since, DWT has expanded into producing wheels and tires for all types of four-wheeled motorsports, as Henline uses his full chassis knowledge to develop products that thrive under the rigors of competitions. With our selection of Douglas tires and wheels, you can experience this same innovation on your ATV or UTV.

DWT was created just as ATV racing was beginning to boom in popularity, and they took the market by storm with rims that featured both front and rear bead locks. DWT ATV tires are equally ahead of the game, hugging the terrain for long-lasting performance. The Douglas MX and XC tires are race-tested with advanced carcass technology, great turning power and superior acceleration. Their utility tires are engineered for more all-around use and a stable ride on a variety of surfaces. You can find tires suited for all terrain, hard terrain, general purpose or sand, with numerous sizes and tread patterns available.

Wheels are how DWT made their name, and you can add the finest wheels to your machine with a complete Douglas tire and wheel kit. By combining a DWT wheel made from aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum and a quality pre-mounted tire, you’ll quickly be riding circles around the competition. Order a two-ply front tire kit to soar over whoops and jumps, a four-ply rear tire kit to dominate every holeshot, or a sand tire kit for climbing the nearby dunes – the choice is yours.

DWT Douglas lives and breathes tires and wheels, and is always working to stay one step of the pack. With their products on your four-wheeled ride, you’ll be one step ahead as well. Our ATV Tire Finder will help you determine which Douglas tires and rims fit your machine, and we’ll ship any order over $89 for free the day you place it.