DVS Westridge Deegan Mechanic DS Boots

  • Part #: 357259210
  • Manufacturer Part #: DVF0000169-004
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Overview of DVS Westridge Deegan Mechanic DS Boots

  • Washable Materials- All dirt series shoes feature water repellant and wash friendly materials. Our athletes even made sure these shoes can stand up to a good power wash
  • Snap Dry foam- waiting for the foam to dry in your shoe can be excruciating long process. Not anymore! Our new snap-dry foam provides the ultimate quick dry performance along with all-day comfort. The porous nature of the foam allows water and air to flow freely through it which makes the drying process a snap
  • Washing Bag-Each Dirt Series shoe comes with its own wash bag so you can simply deposit those dirty shoes in the bag and throw them in the washing machine
  • Light weight and quick drying collar & tongue padding
  • Removable Tongue-The first of its kind technology encapsulates the tongue foam in to a removable pillow which allows the user to quickly wash, ring out and dry. The tongue pocket allows for easy installation and removal
  • Anti-Microbial lining-The inner lining and foot bed is made from an anti-microbial which helps prevent the growth of bacteria and other organisms. This feature keeps the shoes in pristine shape after several wash and rinse cycles
  • Aerated Foot bed-The custom foot bed is water resistant and features a series of perforated patterns which allows air to circulate under the foot. We also incorporated the DVS cushioning system, which cradles your feet in comfort all day long


U.S. Size 10
Weight 4.0 lbs

Specs for DVS Westridge Deegan Mechanic DS Boots

U.S. Size 10
Weight 4.0 lbs

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