Dirt Bike Goggles

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Whether it’s from another bike’s roost, branches on the trail or just the elements, dirt bike goggles will keep your eyes protected. Goggles have come a long ways since from days when the first MX riders strapped a pair on. Protection, comfort and field of view have all been dramatically improved to provide the best experience for the rider. Brands like 100%, Scott, Smith, Spy, Thor and Fox all work hard to design the perfect goggle. We carry MX goggles from those brands and more so you can choose the pair that works best for you.

With so many different options available, you can choose the ones that best fit your riding style and of course, your face. Now, all of the brands have their own designs that set them apart and give you a great selection to choose from.

There are many features on modern dirt bike goggles that help to keep your vision clear and your eyes protected. Roll offs and tear offs are strips of clear plastic that allow you to quickly and easily remove dirt, mud and debris while you are still riding. Different styles of nose pieces will not only keep your nose protected from debris, but will also help create a tighter seal to the helmet to help prevent fogging. Dual lenses will also help to prevent fogging and are necessary when riding in extremely cold conditions. Speed straps will allow you to quickly remove your goggles from your eyes, without needing to entirely remove them from your helmet. Finally, different color lenses will highlight the terrain better than others in varying light conditions.

To set your sights on the finish line, you need to have your eyes clear. Find the best new dirt bike goggles at Dennis Kirk and keep your eyes on the prize.