Dirt Bike Brake Rotors

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Whether you’re trail riding or at the track, having the right rotor can make a big difference. Dirt bike brake rotors are a relatively simple concept; Still, they have some unique variations that you should consider before making a purchase. We’ll do our best to lay out the options for you.

The main thing to consider as you choose a rotor would be the choice between fixed and floating rotors. Fixed rotors are simple; they are just a circle made of stainless steel, and they will do the job fine. The only issue is when they start to heat up. When fixed rotors get too hot, they can warp. That’s where floating rotors come in. The design of a floating rotor enables it to expand and shrink without warping. This can make a big difference for the aggressive riders out there who will be getting their brake discs exceptionally hot.

One other option you might have an interest in are oversized rotors. It requires a little extra work, mainly moving the brake caliper, but by getting a bigger rotor you’ll have more responsive brakes, less brake heat, and longer brake pad life. It’s just another option for you to consider.

The cool designs on the dirt bike brake discs are not just for looks; their primary purpose is to whisk away heat and moisture. That being said, which one is right for you is largely subjective, so we don’t think it is worth worrying about too much.

If you have any questions about a specific rotor, you can leave a question on the product’s description page. One of our friendly staff members will get back to you as quickly as they can. But, if you’ve found your questions answered, then it seems like it’s time to get your order placed and shipped to your door! We look forward to getting you back on your dirt bike.