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You can add all the custom exhausts, tricked-out intakes or big bore kits you want to your snowmobile – but none of it will matter if you can’t deliver that power to the snow. The drive belt connecting the clutches is the most important link in the chain between your sled’s engine and fresh powder, and a good belt is the difference between exploding off the line and plodding off it. At Dennis Kirk, we have an assortment of Dayco snowmobile belts that give you the pull you need for a great day on the trail or the track.

For more than a century, Dayco Products has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of drive systems for automotive and industrial purposes. Dayco stringently inspects their snowmobile drive belts to make sure they meet their rigid manufacturing specifications. Everyday riders will love the quality construction and performance of Dayco HP snowmobile belts. Designed for low- and mid-range horsepower sleds, these long-lasting belts are made from a reinforced synthetic rubber compound with a p-aramid fiber core. These materials work together to give your belt superior strength and structural integrity.

Riders with a little more “oomph” under the hood can maximize that power by using Dayco’s more advanced belts. The Dayco HPX belt uses proprietary Top Cog technology, which increases the belt’s flexibility and the airflow around it. As a result, it holds up to higher engine rpms and operating temperatures while still outlasting its competitors. Dayco XTX belts kick it up another notch by using a specially formulated polymer and improved cog design, giving you throttle response that’s both faster and more consistent. This belt has been proven at over 12,000 rpm, and will even enhance your engine braking for quicker deceleration.

Founded in Ohio and now headquartered in Michigan, Dayco works each day to help the world move faster and more efficiently. Every Dayco snowmobile and ATV belt is covered against defects by a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Dennis Kirk has been a powersports industry leader since 1969, and you’ll get same-day shipping and no-hassle returns when you order from us.