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D3O is a company that is committed to protecting what matters. Their team of engineers, chemists, and product designers have taken it upon themselves to develop protective gear for the sports, motorcycle, industrial, and defense industries. Of course, the D3O armor that you see here is from their motorcycle safety endeavors. D3O has developed these products while partnering with brands like Klim, Triumph, and Icon. Here at Dennis Kirk, we understand the importance of riding safe. That’s why we’ve made sure to stock a great selection of D3O armor and pads. Using their armor can help you rest easy knowing that you have the best available protection.

Padding is something that, while you want to have it, you hope you never have to use it. You want to wear it, but never feel it. That’s one of the reasons that we love D3O padding and armor. It’s minimally invasive; lightweight, and thin. It’s also well ventilated, helping you stay cool on those smoldering hot days.

Any one of these pieces of padding might be perfect for you, but what’s better than one pad? The whole set! Don’t cover your shoulders, but not your elbows. Don’t protect your hips, but not your knees. All of these products are sold as a pair. Ensure complete protection by combining them all!

If you have any questions about the products in our selection, don’t worry! Just ask us, we are happy to help. Any questions you might have can be posted on the product’s description page, under the “Q&A” tab.

Don’t forget, orders over $89 ship free. If you like saving money, that’s the mark to aim for. Our warehouse team is standing by, ready to ship your order as soon as possible. Thank you for shopping for DO products at Dennis Kirk! We hope you never need them.