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The right tool for the job can make the difference between hours of frustration and outright failure to doing a repair or addition quickly, efficiently and correctly. At Dennis Kirk, we offer a selection of CruzTOOLS tools, tool kits & pouches that will help you get your job done right the first time, no matter what the project or machine.

Located in California’s beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills, CruzTOOLS debuted with a tool kit for Harley-Davidson bikes more than 20 years ago. Since then, it’s continued to launch more tools, tool kits and accessories for motorcycles. It’s even come up with a line of specialized tools for musicians and airplane pilots.

The folks at CruzTOOL are avid riders, so they know the importance of having the correct tool for the job. They place a premium on top-quality tools and accessories and customer satisfaction. These folks back up their boast with a lifetime guarantee on their hand tools.

Dennis Kirk offers a full lineup of CruzTOOLS tools, tool kits and pouches to fit the needs of virtually any motorcycle enthusiast. Whether you’re a weekend mechanic or a pro, these tools will serve you faithfully day in and day out and at those critical moments on the road, off the road or in the shop when you need them most.

We carry handy CruzTOOLS basic tools like spring hooks, shock spanners and axle wrenches. Dennis Kirk also stocks CruzTOOLS kits and pouches that are small and packable. They serve as extra insurance on any ride, long or short, and are easy to take along with you. These include basics like tire lever sets as well as handy folding tool sets and fender-mount and roll-up tool kits. If you already have your own tools, we also carry small, portable roll-up CruzTOOLS pouches that provide a compact way to take your tools on the road.