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Top Selling Crampbuster Motorcycle Cruise Assists & Grip Controls

Simple, inexpensive and a godsend for aching hands, the Crampbuster is a motorcycle cruise assist and grip control that will make your motoring much happier. Especially useful for long rides, this little device will save your aching hands while still allowing you plenty of control as you wind your way along winding roads, up and down hills or along straightaways. As easy to install as it is to operate, this paddle device will make it much easier to operate your throttle. At Dennis Kirk, we offer a variety of Crampbuster motorcycle cruise assists and grip controls to fit every bike and to please every rider.

Based in beautiful Rogue River, Ore., the folks at Crampbuster invented this clever concept. But it wasn’t until 1991, when an editor at Popular Science tested the Crampbuster and endorsed it in his magazine — then sales really took off. Though a number of imitations have cropped up, Crampbuster has been imitated but never equaled.

Easier to use than typical motorcycle cruise controls, the uniquely designed Crampbuster is not a cruise throttle lock. Rather, it is a motorcycle grip control that decreases hand cramping and wrist fatigue with its easy-to-operate design. It gives you more control over your throttle than conventional cruise control, making it easier to adjust your speed in town, riding with friends or in any other situation. Comfortably fitting your relaxed hand, this device also eliminates throttle creep.

The Crampbuster is available in sizes to fit standard grips and oversized grips. You can also get it in long or short versions. Installation is easy and requires no tools. Just slip it on and you’re good to go.

Dennis Kirk sells these wonderful devices for less than a sawbuck, and the manufacturer backs them with a one-year warranty. A Crampbuster is a small investment that will pay you back big time in increased comfort for your hands, wrists and forearms.