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Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Tuner (Auto Tune) - 92-1052AT

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This item is no longer available
Overview of Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Tuner (Auto Tune) - 92-1052AT
  • New patented technology tunes to exactly what air-fuel mixture is needed to create maximum power 80 times per second (does not tune to a predetermined arbitrary AFR)
  • It reacts, verifies and adjusts to all conditions and riding situations
  • Provides perfect fuel settings in any condition, with any exhaust system with any engine modifications
  • No external adjustments needed
  • No dyno needed
  • No additional components needed
  • Does not require wide band oxygen sensors

    NOTE: Not legal for operation on public highways in the state of California.

    Included Items:
    (1) Chrome and black Powrpro fuel injection module with (1) 5 1/2 in. wire with ring terminal, (1) 69 1/2 in. wire with (1) male pin connector and (1) Female pin connector, (1) 41 in. wire with (2) female two pin connectors and (2) Male two pin connectors and with (1) 22 in. wire with (1) male pin connector and (1) Female pin connector
    (6) 8 1/4 in. long black plastic wire ties
    (2) 4 in. long black plastic wire ties
    (1) 2 in. x 1 in. adhesive back velcro

    The Air Resources Board (ARB) does not permit the use of aftermarket emission-related parts that alter the air/fuel ratio of an emission-controlled vehicle. Due to these legal restrictions this part cannot be shipped to California.

Specs for Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Tuner (Auto Tune) - 92-1052AT

Type Fuel Injection Module
Units Each
Weight 1.15 lbs

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s):

Specs for Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Tuner (Auto Tune) - 92-1052AT
Type Fuel Injection Module
Units Each
Weight 1.15 lbs
Fitment for Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Tuner (Auto Tune) - 92-1052AT
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It works as advertised! No fuss, no muss.
This bike is the 4th injected bike I've owned, and the 4th one I've had to put some kind of tuner on.

The issues I had, all related to a lean air/fuel mixture on my latest bike were: Non linear throttle operation, jerky power pick up from coasting to maintenance throttle in a corner, causing primary drive gear backlash, and noisy/jerky operation when leaned over.

I chose the Fi2000 powrpro because I didn't want to have to fiddle around with maps, dyno's etc. I had used an Fi2000 on an M109 I owned in the past and it worked well, even though it was a more primitive model. I have used power commanders on two bikes, and they worked well, although the maps needed a little tweaking.

Installation was almost as the instructions stated except: The unit will not fit on the front of the rear fender, under the seat on my bike. In addition to the ECU harness, there is another wire bundle. However, there is plenty of room under the seat, on the angled rear fame member. It also makes routing the wire easier and neater.

The front injector connector is difficult to remove, and also install. Not Cobra's problem, just no clearance to work, and you can't even see the connector from the left side, which you have to work from to access the lock. However, with a screwdriver on the left side, and a set of long handled needle nose pliers on the right, it came off ok.

The entire modification from start to finish took me about 4 hours. I know others claim to have done it in an hour. I took my time, and thought ahead, so that I didn't have to go back and do it over to make the installation better.

The only thing about the installation I am not quite comfortable with, is that the front injector wiring and plugs can't be tied down, as there is no access. All you can do is push it in on top of the head, and secure the wires with a tie wrap at the throttle bracket.

Does it do they job?? Yes, it most certainly does. The first time I started her up, I noticed that the bike had more low down torque. I can go up hills and around corners in a gear higher than I used to for the same roads. The throttle movement is a lot more linear. The acceleration is a little quicker at low rpm's and I don't get as much of a power bump at about 1/3 to 1/2 throttle that I used to get.

The surging in corners with throttle off/maintenance throttle on is very much improved and power pick up is much smoother and easier to manage. No jerking now as I pick up the power when exiting the apex.

All in all, I'm very satisfied! I should note that it seemed to take the bike about three different rides for the tuner to adjust for all phases of operation of the bike. I expected this, and I could feel the refinement as I rode more.

I certainly recommend this product. Don't get me wrong, the power commanders I have used were great too. They just took a little more effort to load and modify the maps to my bikes. I had a PC III and a PC V without the auto tune.

Auto tune would have solved the map work, but then again, it was another 300 bucks to buy the module, and on my VFR 800, I didn't have the real estate to add another box.

I hope this review helps.

October 1, 2015
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