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If you ever plan to do any sort of work on your own motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile, then you owe it yourself to have a Clymer service manual on your bookshelf. For more than half a century, Clymer manuals have been the go-to resource for professional mechanics and do-it-yourself enthusiasts who love the pride and satisfaction that comes with maintaining their own machine. At Dennis Kirk, you can find a Clymer book for nearly every powersport ride under the sun, from Artic Cat snowmobiles to Kawasaki motorcycles and everything in between.

Floyd Clymer was a Hall of Fame motorcycle racer, manufacturer and promoter, and the Clymer manual is aimed at current and aspiring gearheads just like him. As part of the writing process, a professional mechanic completely disassembles and reassembles each machine, giving them first-hand experience that they use to create easy yet detailed step-by-step instructions. Learn how to change oil, clean the air filter, replace brake pads and other standard procedures. Complete maintenance schedules are included in every manual, along with photos, wiring diagrams and other illustrations to help you through the process.

In addition, Clymer service manuals include instructions for more advanced procedures, including cylinder rebuilds, carburetor jetting and exhaust repacking. Shortcut repairs and expert tips are spelled out, and you can customize your ride by following their procedures for various performance modifications. With the amount of information in each manual, you can do a complete restoration from bumper to bumper while saving countless hours, dollars, backtracking and frustration.

It’s easy for the uninformed to say the internet has made service manuals irrelevant. But books will still be there when your computer crashes or your internet goes out, and you’ll never have to waste time through 10 different sets of instructions to find what actually works. Plug your make, model and year into our fitment tool to find the Clymer repair manual that will make you an expert about your ride. We’ll then ship it today so it will be by your side for your next project.