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When it comes to working on your motorcycle, we’d be willing to bet that you have a very specific vision. You might have bought it as a fixer upper, you might have bought it brand new. Truth is, it doesn’t really matter. You have a clear image of what your bike is supposed to look like, and you are going to make it happen. Luckily for you, you are in the right place. Carl Brouhard Designs makes a wide range of aftermarket accessories that are going to give your bike that custom look that you are going for.

Carl Brouhard makes such a wide range of Harley parts that it’s hard to know where to start your search. Want our advice? We can’t hear you obviously, we are just going to assume you said yes. Use the categories on the left side of the screen! Break the products down so that you can search through a more manageable number of products. You’ll be glad that you did.

One of the most common products from Carl Brouhard Designs are their floorboards, shifter arms and brake arms. They are subtle, but stylish. They are one of those little touches that will show how much thought and effort you’ve put into your Harley.

These might be the most common, but they are far from the only products that they sell. Even if you already know what you’ve come here for, we recommend browsing a little bit anyways. With so many great products, we have a feeling that you might find something else you like, just by chance.

Once you’ve found what you came for and done your browsing, place your order. And Remember, orders over $89 ship free, so if you want savings, that’s your target. Once your order is placed, we will ship it and have it waiting at your door in no time.