Cafe Racer Handlebars & Café Racer Controls

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Viewing Results 1 - 24 of 24
You'll find just what you're looking for at Dennis Kirk. We have a great selection of Cafe Racer handlebars and Cafe Racer forward controls. From brands like Arlen Ness, Joker Machine and Roland Sands Design.

The café racer style is very distinctive and having the right handlebars is important to fit the style. The original racers preferred clip on handlebars or clubman handlebars because it allowed the rider to get into a crouched riding position. In the crouched riding position allows for a more streamlined position to reach the ton. For modern day café racers, the handlebar styles range farther. The modern café racer scene is more artistic and the more options of café handlebars allows for truly custom creations.

To match the style of your new cafe racer handlebars, you need to get new controls. Sharp looking handlebar controls can truly accentuate the look of your bike. All of the small details like the handlebar controls add up to complete the look of your bike. Having all of the small details matter and will get your cafe racer noticed.

When you've found the right handlebars go on over to our Cafe Racer Department page for even more gear.