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Welcome back Cafe Racers! Dennis Kirk is your one-stop shop for Cafe Racer Parts. Originally, these were modified motorcycles from the 60's, these bikes were built to go FAST. 100mph was the goal, a practice named "doing the ton". Race your ride between Cafe hangouts and back before your song on the jukebox stops, a culture quickly grew in the UK. Today, motorcycle enthusiasts are reviving Cafe Racers to the streets, and it doesn't take much effort to bring these treasures back to life, or even build your own Cafe Racer. From the best selection of parts, to the right Cafe Racer apparel to get just the right look. We have literally 1,000's and 1,000's of Cafe Racer parts for these bikes from the 60's through the 80's, in stock, ready to ship today and all at unbeatable prices. Shop by Ride, or browse our online store to find just the right Cafe Racer seat, lighting, levers, grips, Cafe Racer mirrors, cables and chains, dash instruments, tires, exhausts, accessories and much more to make your very own Cafe Racer classic a reality.