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Ever since manufacturing their first products in 2001, C&A Pro Skis has been setting the standard for snowmobile skis. Located in the winter heavens of Minnesota, the company combines their first-hand experience in snowmobile racing with their skills in molding plastics to produce first rate skis for sleds of all types. With a slick surface that glides over the snow, and a design built to withstand extreme temperatures and resist impact, C&A Pro snowmobile skis have become the ski of choice in the racing industry. At Dennis Kirk, we carry C&A Pro skis, mounting kits and ski handles so you can enjoy the same performance as the professionals.

A number of skis are available for different riding disciplines, including C&A Pro Trail X Skis for cross-country, Boondock Extreme Skis for mountain climbers and Xtreme Crossover Skis for multipurpose use. Every pair of skis is made by bending the plastic into place from a flat mold, which creates outward pressure to help distribute weight. Additional styling helps your sled float on the snow or dig into the side of the mountain as needed. Choose colors from intimidating black to bold orange to fit your sled, and pick up a C&A Pro Ski mounting kit for easy installation on any snowmobile model. We also have race-legal replacement ski handles in different colors to add additional flair.

C&A Pro Skis is committed to the sport of snowmobile racing, and is constantly striving to raise the bar. In addition to sponsoring hundreds of racers, C&A Pro Skis is the Official Ski for six different major snowmobile racing organizations, and is the brand of choice for professionals and amateurs in every riding discipline. When you purchase C&A snowmobile skis from Dennis Kirk, you get the best skis in the world for a low price, with free shipping on orders over $89 from a company you know will stand behind its products. Order now and we’ll ship them to you today so you can surge to the front of the pack.