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For more than 40 years, Boyesen has been the company to turn to when you want your ride to go faster. Beginning as dirt bike specialists, Boyesen engine intake parts now drive any two-stroke powersport engine to perform at its best thanks to innovative and advanced design. In fact, they’re so trusted that major manufacturers such as Yamaha and Kawasaki use Boyesen technology in their dirt bikes right off the showroom floor! With Dennis Kirk’s selection of Boyesen parts and accessories, you’ll be able to outclass any other machine on any terrain.

Although Boyesen has expanded into other engine components, they have retained their reputation as the authority on powersport intakes. Boyesen Rad valves have powered countless riders to victory, with a one-piece aluminum cast design that gives you sharper throttle response, increased horsepower in all ranges and added torque for better hill climbing and cornering. If you’re looking for more power AND better fuel economy, Boyesen Power Reeds and other reed valves increase airflow and air velocity, improving both your acceleration and top-end speed. You can also order Boyesen Rage Cages, Power Wings, QuickShot leak jets and other parts to maximize performance.

All that power generates heat, and Boyesen is here for you with parts to help your engine run cool even when you’re riding red hot. Boyesen Supercooler water pump covers and impeller kits increase coolant flow at any RPM band, while a Boyesen Hy-Flo water pump elbow helps eliminate areas where heat and cavitation can collect. We also carry a large selection of Boyesen clutch covers and ignition covers, which prevent warping even during a season of high-intensity competition.

Whether you’re muscling around a Supercross course or cruising down your favorite snowmobile trail, you’ll notice the effect of premium Boyesen parts the moment you crack the throttle. Our tech team is happy to assist you with finding the right part for your machine, and we offer no-hassle returns and exchanges within 90 days of purchase.