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Understanding and Countering the Effects of Ethanol

Posted on 22 Oct 2013 in Powersports, Snowmobile | 5 comments


Ryan is one of the lucky ones who gets to combine their passion with work.He has enjoyed powersports his whole life and now gets to write about it.Ryan has been around the industry since starting to work at Dennis Kirk in High School and continues to enjoy learning and sharing aboutpowersports with others in his role in DK content.

We have all heard the horror stories about ethanol in gasoline destroying small engines and powersports engines, including snowmobiles.  Most of these stories are true and ethanol really can be harmful, but with the right knowledge and prevention, we can continue to enjoy the sport we love without worrying about costly damages to our machines.  In this post, we’ll try to understand ethanol a little better and how that knowledge can help us run our engines more safely. Why Ethanol is Bad There are a few different reasons why ethanol is not good for our snowmobiles, but the worst offender is its potential for Phase Separation.  What the heck is phase separation, you ask?  Ethanol has a very low tolerance for absorbing water.  When enough water is […]

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Riding Apparel – Get the Perfect Fit

Posted on 09 Aug 2012 in Powersports | 0 comments

One of the biggest concerns when buying apparel online is how it will fit. This is especially important when shopping for protective riding gear since the proper fit drastically affects performance and protection. Check out these videos on how to measure yourself for riding gear to help relieve some of the stress of selecting the correct size. Keep in mind that each brand will have different sizing standards. Once you have measured yourself properly, make sure to look at the sizing chart for the product you are planning to purchase.   Once you have watched these videos, you can head over to our help center for even more useful sizing information. We love helping out our customers, what how-to video would you like to see next?

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Road Trip Essentials

Posted on 20 Jul 2012 in Cruiser-Motorcycles, Harley-Davidson | 2 comments

With Sturgis right around the corner we thought you might be able to use some tips on items every rider should have along with them when taking a long trip on their bike. Tool Kit – You never know what can happen along the way. Having at least a basic tool kit could save you some big headaches from simple problems. If you don’t have a tool kit, at least carry a tire repair kit with you. Cell Phone and Charger – We never condone using your phone while you ride or drive but it sure can come in handy in emergency situations. Maps/GPS – You never know when you could take a wrong turn and get lost. Keeping a map or GPS handy will relieve some […]

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How to Calculate your Bike’s Load Limit

Posted on 14 Jun 2012 in Cruiser-Motorcycles, Goldwing, Harley-Davidson | 3 comments

There’s nothing like a long trip on a motorcycle with your favorite passenger. It’s a beautiful day, your bike is loaded with everything you will need, you have your significant other riding behind you, a full tank of gas, and the open road. Sounds perfect right? Well while you are enjoying your trip with a fully loaded bike, you could be doing serious damage to your motorcycle’s performance and its tires. When packing your bike for a trip you are usually most concerned with what will fit, but you should really be focusing on how much everything weighs. Every bike comes with a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and you might be surprised how easy it is to exceed it. It may not seem like a big […]

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How to Select an Off Road Helmet

Posted on 22 Mar 2012 in ATV and UTV, Dirt Bike | 3 comments

A helmet is one of the most important protective items you can wear while riding your dirt bike or ATV, but not all helmets are created equally. Choosing the right helmet can make a difference in the protection you receive during an accident and comfort during your ride. Before shopping for your next helmet be sure to keep the following factors in mind: Certifications: Make sure the helmet meets safety standards by looking for DOT or Snell safety ratings. Snell ratings are considered more stringent than DOT ratings so helmets baring a Snell sticker often provide better protection and have been through more thorough testing. Helmet Type: There are three types of off road helmet: full face, open face, and motocross. A full face helmet will cover […]

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