Ride to the Honey Hole with FXR Ice Fishing Gear

Ride to the Honey Hole with FXR Ice Fishing Gear

There’s a lot of fun to be had in the cold north.  The winter provides a new set of passions to become obsessed with.  You don’t have to choose to do just one at a time, though.  Combining passions can lead to even greater adventures.  An example is the huge crossover of snowmobile riders and ice fishermen.  The two sports can go hand in hand.  This is especially true when you need your snowmobile to get into the most remote and secret lakes that hold untouched trophies.

Choosing gear for these combo trips has been tricky in the past.  Do you suit up in your riding gear to be comfortable on the sled?  Or do you wear your ice gear to be at home on the ice?

The good folks at FXR Racing have solved that dilemma for you.  Their Excursion line of apparel is built to accommodate both activities with zero sacrifice.  FXR is a juggernaut in the snowmobile apparel industry.  But just like you, they have other passions. Being surrounded by amazing fishing opportunities, it’s no surprise that they would also jump into the fishing world. 

Floatation-assist suits have become a must-have in ice fishing apparel.  But one of the first apparel brands to ever engineer this feature was in the snowmobile market.  FXR’s F.A.S.T. floatation technology is designed to keep you afloat for up to two hours while also providing insulation to keep you warm.  When both jacket and bibs are worn together, the suit will self-level to keep you flat on the surface of the water.  The F.A.S.T membrane is designed to shed water quickly to help dry you out as quick as possible.

Your riding will not be hindered by the gear, either.  As a snowmobile gear company first, you can be sure that these pieces will perform on your sled.  You can expect the same durability, warmth and comfort that you would expect from their pure snowmobile gear lines.

Excursion Ice Pro X Jacket

Ice anglers face a myriad of conditions and need a jacket that can handle what is thrown at them.  The Excursion Ice Pro X jacket is built for it all.  The outer shell contains the F.A.S.T. membrane for floatation and insulation.  The Dry-Vent System keeps moisture out of your suit when things heat up as you’re hustling to tip ups or riding aggressively.  Added warmth for the dead of winter trips is supplied by the removable Thermal Dry liner.

Storage for your jig boxes, hemostat, bait pucks and whatever else you carry is abundant with all the pockets on this jacket.  The hood is removable so you can tuck it away when you’re making runs on your sled to your next fishing hot spot.

Excursion Ice Pro Bibs

A good set of bibs on the ice will keep you warm, dry and comfortable with ample storage pockets to keep everything you need with you.  The Excursion Ice Pro bibs have it all.  They feature the insulation you need to stay warm and the waterproof/breathability you need to stay dry. The F.A.S.T. system is built in for floatation.   Large cargo pockets and a waterproof chest pocket provide ample storage, even if you remove your jacket.

The knees of the Excursion bibs are the bee’s knees.  They include removable knee pads to keep your knees protected while you’re spending long hours working fish hole-side.  They are also pre-curved to reduce the amount of pressure put on your knees while riding or sitting.  Stretch panels are integrated in the hip and waist to aid in movement as well.

X-Cross Ice Pro Boots

Frozen feet are the worst.  Ice fishing requires a warm boot that can handle kicking slush away from the hole.  Snowmobile boots need to provide support for your ankles.  The X-Cross boots provide everything you need for booth worlds.  The slip-on design makes it easy to put on, but also increases the waterproof ability by not having seams that could fail.  These boots include a toe-kick, which allows you to kick the slush and ice off your sled and ice house and also to reopen frozen holes.  The high-traction outsole grips your running boards and ice.  A fur lining is perfect for all-day comfort.

Excursion Pro Fish Mitts

Sensitivity is the name of the game for those finicky panfish and ‘eyes.  That requires a bare fingertip on the blank of the rod or the line to feel the bites.  Flip over style mitts have been a favorite on the ice for many years, but most aren’t the greatest for fishing.  The wool or synthetic wool flip-over mitts get wet and stay wet.  They are also not that warm on the snowmobile.  The Excursion mitts take the warmth and durability of snowmobile gloves and combine them with the convenience of traditional flip-over mitts.  A pocket on the wrist allows for the use of heat packs for even more warmth.

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