Security Measures That Will Protect Your Motorcycle From Theft

Security Measures That Will Protect Your Motorcycle From Theft

Your motorcycle is more than just a financial investment. You have invested time, energy, and elbow grease in your bike, and you’ve made more than a few memories along the way. With so much on the line, we aren’t surprised that you’re concerned with keeping your bike safe and out of the hands of thieves. Anytime that we have to park outside, it pains us to leave our bike sitting there, out in the open. We’d be lying if we said we haven’t lost sleep over it.  If you are reading this, we can only assume that you’ve been feeling the same way. Luckily for all of us, there are certain measures that you can take to reduce the chances of your bike being snatched up by thieves. We’ll cover some of the best practices to consider and some of the best anti theft products to buy.


Practices And Tactics That Won’t Cost You A Dime

There are some things that you can do that will decrease the chances of your bike getting stolen that won’t cost you a dime! They could be considered common sense points, but they are worth going over all the same. The first has to do with where you park your bike on private property, like at your house. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a garage, but if you are, we hope you’re using it! If you’ll be parking outside at your home, the best thing you can do is hide your bike. Maybe you slip it around the backside of the house, and maybe you tuck it into a shed. If the thieves can’t see it, they can’t be tempted. If you are going to have leave it where they can see it, then make sure it is well lit, like under a motion activated flood light.

When parking in public, park somewhere well lit, highly visible, and under security cameras, if at all possible. If you can park somewhere that you’ll be able to see your bike, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable too. Whenever you park in public, and even when you park outside at home, you’ll want to be sure to employ some additional security measures. We’ll go through your options.


Steering Lock

We know that most of your bikes already have a steering lock. Make sure that you use it. When used as the only form of security, steering locks aren’t the most effective anti-theft tool. But, it’s more work for the thieves, and making it as hard as possible for them is the goal!


Chain Lock

This is the most common way to lock up your motorcycle, and it is a good one. Smaller chains, while easier to break, are portable and are great for locking up your bike while on the road. They can be broken, but they still serve as a valuable deterrent. There are other, more durable chains too.  You can buy some really strong chains, and some of the largest bike chains (16mm), can’t even be cut by bolt cutters. However, there is a trade off. Chains this size are way too large and heavy to carry with you on a regular basis, meaning they are best suited for situations that don’t require you to move them (when parking at home.) They are most effective when wrapped around some form of anchor, whether a pole or light post or fence. When choosing a padlock, just remember: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and this includes the padlock. If you go with a heavy duty chain, you’ll want a heavy duty padlock to match!



U-locks are another option for your bike. They consist of one large, heavy duty shackle. It can be woven through your spokes, and forks, depending on the size that you buy. They are most effective when wrapped around some form of anchor, like a post, but they are still effective without one. 


Brake Disc Lock

Brake disc locks are threaded through the holes on your brake disc and will prevent thieves from rolling away on your bike! They are a lightweight and portable option, and they don’t require an anchor point! These are an easy lock to keep with you at all times.


Brake Lever Lock

Brake lever locks are clamped around your handlebar and your brake lever, and are another way to lock up your bike’s brakes. They are small, light, quick and easy to install. Being that they are on your handlebars, it is also quite hard to forget to take them off. If you’re forgetful, this would be a great option for you.  


Motorcycle Shelter Or Cover

Covering your bike is another good practice. It keeps the thieves from knowing what kind of bike they are looking at, and it makes it harder for them to analyze your security measures. If you want to go a step further, they make pullover motorcycle shelters that can be locked down. These shelters will make any thieve’s lives that much harder, and that is the goal.


Hidden Kill Switch

If you install a hidden kill switch, they won’t be able to start or hot-wire your bike without first flipping the switch. This is a great option, but remember: If they find the kill switch, it kind of defeats the point! Hide it well. This method is best paired with another security measure, like a lock. 


A Motorcycle Alarm

Alarms come mounted on certain types of locks, like brake disc locks, and they make quite a ruckus when tampered with. This is another good way to deter thieves. If they don’t think that they can take it discreetly, they might not try and take it at all.


GPS Tracker

Possibly the most high tech option on the market are GPS trackers! Mounted discreetly on your motorcycle, these trackers allow you to keep close tabs on your bike’s location at all times and will make recovering your stolen motorcycle much more likely.


We wish it were as easy as just picking one of these options as a foolproof fix to the problem of theft. But, truth is, not a single one of these options is 100% effective, and given the time and resources, a highly skilled thief could probably get through or around a lot of these measures and still give you grief. But, that doesn’t mean that these measures aren’t worth doing. These anti-theft tools and practices will still deter less ambitious thieves, and if your bike looks likes it’s too much trouble to steal, then they won’t bother trying in the first place. So, sift through this list and determine which combination of security measures is best for you. If you have any questions, or comments, you can put them below!

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