Best Urban Motorcycle Gear ’19

Best Urban Motorcycle Gear ’19

Motorcycle riding apparel has come a long way over the years, and it has developed into highly specialized equipment. It is safer, more durable, and more streamlined than ever before. But, despite the indisputable benefits, wearing all of that gear on a short ride can feel excessive. Besides, you don’t always want to look like you just left the track. If you are looking for some motorcycle apparel that will look great on AND off your bike, and function well too, you are in the right place. We’ve spent some time mulling it over, and we’ve pulled all of our favorite urban riding gear into one neat little article. This is the the kind of clothing that will look great before, during, and after your next ride.

Klim Men’s Marrakesh Jacket

The Klim Marrakesh jacket is a great option for riders that find themselves getting too hot, too often. Riding at low speeds isn’t the best for ventilation, and if you want to be able to wear your jacket when the ride is over, then this is a great choice. The Klim Marrakesh Jacket has been designed to be comfortable in a wide range of temperatures, without sacrificing security. The jacket is made with CE Level one padding in the back, elbows and shoulders, and the stretch woven fabric is perfect for airflow.

Icon Stealth Mesh Women’s Jacket

If you want a jacket with a sporty fit that will be comfortable for day to day wear, the Icon Stealth is the jacket for you. This jacket has large mesh panels on the front and back that promote airflow, and the D30 impact protectors can be removed when your ride is over.

Highway 21 Black Gasser Men’s Jacket

The Highway 21 Gasser Jacket pairs stylish leather with motorcycle riding features. It is made with premium 1mm leather and has 7 vents and removable armor. You’ll be able to feel perfectly comfortable wearing this jacket into the office after your daily commute.

Speed And Strength Critical Mass Men’s Armored Jeans

Speed and Strength’s Critical Mass Armored Jean’s have managed to combine the protection a rider wants and the durability they need, all into one casual pair of jeans. These black jeans have removable CE armor and are made with 4 way stretch denim. You’ll find yourself wearing these jeans constantly, even when you don’t plan on riding!

Alpinestars Daisy Denim Women’s Pants

The Alpinestars Daisy Denim riding jeans were designed with comfort in mind . They were made with 13 oz denim and they have reinforcement panels in the hip, knees, and seat. They even have removable hip protectors and knee armor.

Speed and Strength Run With The Bulls Armored Hoodie

If you are going to skip on the jacket, then you had better wear some protection in your hoodie. The Run With The Bulls Armored Hoodie by Speed And Strength. It’s made with a cotton-aramid blend and has all of the CE-approved pads that you are used to seeing in your jackets. It has removable shoulder, elbow, and spine protectors, all packed into an unsuspecting sweatshirt.

Alpinestars Vika V2 Women’s Waterproof Boots

The VIka V2 boots are the perfect boot for a casual ride. They are comfortable on and off the bike, designed to be protective and stylish. They offer ankle disks and toe protection, and they are CE-certified.

TCX Men’s Waterproof Boots

These vintage riding boots by TCX are perfect for wearing around the office, the grocery store, or out on a date. They are CE-certified with reinforced heels, toes, and an incredibly durable sole. And the style, well… The style speaks for itself.

Joe Rocket Gloves

If you are only going for a short ride, it can be easy to say “I don’t really need gloves this time.” But, with a stylish and easy to carry pair of gloves, you’ll find no reason not to throw them for every ride. These brown leather gloves by Joe Rocket are small, comfortable, and look great. They are perfect for a quick ride before being thrown in your back pocket or bag.

Icon Dreadnaught Backpack

Storage is always in short supply on a motorcycle, and if you are going to be grabbing groceries or heading to the office, you’ll more often than not need to carry more than your bike can hold. What you need is a backpack like this. The Icon Dreadnaught backpack is sleek and practical. It has a water resistant roll top and can hold up to 20 liters. It has a magnetic chest closure buckle, and a simple design that will blend right in wherever you go.

These top of the line options are perfect for riders of all skill levels, whether they are riding a Harley or a sport bike. Equipped with this gear, you’ll be prepared not only for your next ride; you’ll be prepared for what comes after. If you have any other recommendations, or questions about the products listed here, post them in the comments below.

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