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Tips For Getting Your ATV Unstuck

Posted on 18 Mar 2019 in ATV and UTV, Powersports | 0 comments

There are going to be two types of people reading this. There are those of you that have your ATV parked neatly in the garage, and those of you with your ATV parked haphazardly in a swamp. For your sake, we hope you are not the latter. Regardless, you are wondering what to do when you get your ATV stuck in the mud. You are in luck. We’ve buried our ATV nice and deep plenty of times. (We’ll pretend it was field research, in the name of science.) But, now, our pains can be your gains. We’d be happy to share what we know. There are seemingly infinite scenarios for a stuck ATV and covering them all would be impossible. To keep things simple, we are dividing […]

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How to Break In Motorcycle Brakes

Posted on 06 Mar 2019 in Powersports | 3 comments

Growing up, we were always told that first impressions matter. First encounters with classmates, coworkers, and peers will have a major impact on the relationship that develops thereafter. You’ve likely heard this before too; But, did you know that the same applies to your motorcycle brake pads and rotors? Your first ride out on your new brake pads will have a major impact on your brake’s performance in the future. And if you aren’t careful, that impact will not be good. Luckily for you, we know a thing or two about bedding your brake pads. With our help, you’ll be able to begin a long and happy relationship with your brake pads and rotors. Why You Should Bed Your Brakes  Before we tell you how, we are […]

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Motorcycle Exhaust Blues: Don’t Let Exhaust Bluing Get You Down

Posted on 06 Mar 2019 in Powersports | 0 comments

Some of you wear it like a badge of honor, a shiny blue sign that this isn’t your first ride. But, for a lot of motorcycle riders on the road today, exhaust bluing is not the look you were going for. It appeared on your pipes out of nowhere; like a magic trick conjured out of thin air. But, don’t worry. We are here to unravel the mystery and show you how this trick was done. We will even show you another trick: how to make the blue on your exhaust… disappear. Why Did Your Exhaust Turn Blue? The first thing that you are probably wondering is why this happened in the first place. You walked out to your garage after a long ride and noticed some […]

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