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Why You Should Be Wearing Earplugs On Your Next Motorcycle Ride

Posted on 18 Jan 2019 in Powersports | 8 comments

Growing up, when you got your first motorcycle, your mom probably wasn’t on board. And, if she was, it was with one stipulation. You wear a helmet. However, we are willing to bet that she wasn’t all that concerned about your ears, and you probably weren’t either. Loud noises are cool; rock concerts, sports games, guns, all of which can provide one thrill or another. Unfortunately, these loud hobbies, along with motorcycling, can prove to be seriously harmful to your hearing if you aren’t careful. Here at Dennis Kirk, riding safely is our number one priority, and that includes protecting your ears. Think we’re being dramatic? Just hear us out, while you still can. What You Need To Know About The Decibel Scale Before we start spitting […]

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Motorcycle Quick Shifters: Your Questions Answered

Posted on 08 Jan 2019 in Powersports | 9 comments

Maybe you’ve been watching races, or maybe you passed a fellow biker on your last ride. You watched them and you noticed something. When they shifted, they didn’t touch the clutch. You thought it might have been a clutch-less up-shift, but you also noticed that they didn’t let off of the throttle at all. After a quick google search, you found the term “Quick Shifter”, and this has brought you to us. For some of you, we’ve probably just blown your mind by describing your exact situation. The rest of you are likely unimpressed. Regardless, if you are curious about quick shifters, you are in the right place. You might have some questions and we have answers. “What Is The Purpose Of Quick Shifters?” The purpose, if […]

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Snow Bike Specific Riding Gear: The Klim Havoc Line

Posted on 04 Jan 2019 in Powersports | 0 comments

The company that we know and love, Klim, first appeared in 1994 and has been producing snowmobile and dirt bike gear for years now. They have long since established themselves as industry leaders thanks to their unparalleled quality. With the recent appearance of snow bikes, the need for a new style of riding gear has become apparent. Klim has seen this and risen to the occasion, making the first snow bike-specific riding gear to hit the market. If you’re riding a snow bike, then this gear is is made for you, in an effort to take your riding to the next level. And so, we present to you: Klim Havoc Gear. Klim Havoc GTX BOA Boots Klim’s Havoc GTX BOA boot took inspiration from their popular line […]

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How to Rejet Snowmobile Carbs to Account for Elevation Changes

Posted on 02 Jan 2019 in Powersports, Snowmobile | 1 comment

You’ve been planning this trip for a long time. It’s been in the makings for weeks, if not months, and you’ve thought of everything. But, while checking the boxes on your to do list for your trip, you realized that you might have to do some work on your carburetor before you head off into the mountains. Well, the good news is, you are in the right place. Rejetting snowmobile carbs due to altitude changes can be something of a mystery, but we are here to give our two cents on the matter. “Why Do I Need to Rejet my Snowmobile for Different Altitudes?” First, we are going to dig into the science behind it all, just deep enough to understand why rejetting is even a point […]

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