Prepping Your Motorcycle for Cold Weather Riding

Prepping Your Motorcycle for Cold Weather Riding

For much of the USA, motorcycling is something of a 3 season activity. But, that doesn’t mean that people don’t try to battle the elements each year. Plenty of bikers would ride 365 days a year if they could. This pushing of the limits means less than ideal conditions each winter for all but the southern reaches of the continent. As the air chills, it goes from a warm, refreshing breeze, to a harsh, freezing bite that will leave your hands numb and your cheeks burning.

If you are going to be out riding in the harsh conditions that fall and winter bring, then you need to be prepared. And guess what, it’s your lucky day; we’ve taken the first step for you. We’ve taken everything you need to combat the cold and compiled it here, for your convenience. Parts like windshields, hand warmers, hand guards, lower fairings, and seat heaters can all be found here, and any one of those options might save you from frostbite.


Windshields are the bare minimum you can do to stay warm, and a great place to start. Windshields are such a no-brainer that we debated whether or not they were even worth including in this blog. After all, if the wind is so cold that it feels like it is burning your skin, then it stands to reason you should buy something to block the wind. Memphis shades manufactures a great line of windshields with a ton of different sizes and styles. A general rule of thumb with windshields: Bigger is warmer. Write it down if you have to!

Lower Fairings

Lower fairings go hand in hand with your windshield. Where the windshield protects your head and shoulders, a lower fairing will protect your feet or legs. People tend to forget about their toes, but it’s harder to forget about them when they are turning blue inside your boots. Hogworkz has made some high quality lowers that will help prevent such an instance. They look sharp, install easy, and more importantly, they’ll help keep the wind off your legs.

Hand Guards

If you’ve considered a windshield and fairings and the wind is still an issue, then maybe you need hand guards. Typically found on sport or naked bikes, hand guards can offer you a great amount of comfort while giving your bike a sporty, aggressive appearance. Acerbis makes a variety of hand guards that would serve you well.

Heated Grips

Now that you’ve kept the bitter wind in check, you can look into other options. Our personal favorite? Heated grips. Koso North America makes heated grips specially crafted for your twist throttle. With five levels of adjustment and easy installation, all at a great price, you’ll find these grips are easy on your wallet and your hands.

Heated Seats

Heated seats are well on their way to becoming a standard in most cars. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of motorcycles. Luckily, brands like Saddlemen have swept in to pick up the slack. They’ve created luxurious seats that come complete with adjustable heat settings. Not everyone needs a feature like this, but if you are still reading this far in the article, we have a feeling that you do.


Of course, what you will need depends on just how cold it will actually be where you are riding. “Cold” is hardly an objective term, and the temperature you considered cold will vary from reader to reader. So, from here on out, the choice is on you. It is up to your discretion to choose which of these options will best suit you and your bike.  If you have any questions, or any tips for your fellow riders, let us know in the comments. Thank you for reading, stay warm out there.

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