HogWorkz Parts: The Key to Creating a Custom Look for your Harley Bagger

HogWorkz Parts: The Key to Creating a Custom Look for your Harley Bagger

We know that Harley sells their bikes as a finished product, but if you are anything like us, that’s not how you see it. When we see a Harley, we see something closer to a block of clay. It serves its purpose, but beyond that, it’s lacking. It needs a sculptor, a person with a vision and a strong hand to shape that clay into something one of a kind. Luckily, HogWorkz has spent the years designing parts that will transform your Harley bagger from a block of clay into the “David” of motorcycles. They have everything you’ll need to customize your touring bike into a masterpiece on wheels.


The first thing that you need is the right bags. HogWorkz stretched saddlebags are made with high grade injection mold ABS and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They carry bags in a variety of colors to match Harley OEM paint.  They also have some bags that are unpainted, in case you need to match a custom paint job. The bags are made to fit any Harley, and they have designs that’ll fit both 2 into 1 exhaust or true duals. They are tactfully designed with stretched touring bikes in mind, and it’s all too apparent in their design.

LED Headlights

Hogworkz headlights are a small piece that will make a huge difference. Their LED Halo Makers look like they have been sent from above to illuminate the road in the coolest way possible. These luminescent showpieces might look like they are from the future, but you can have them on your bike in present day. They are ultra-bright and easy to install, a worthwhile addition to any Harley touring bike.


Backrests are a great way to give your bagger a more balanced look, and your passenger will thank you for it! Hogworkz backrests are installed using a 4 point docking kit that will make taking the backrest off and on a breeze. Some are even outfitted with a tour pack behind them; comfort and storage have never looked so good.

Fender Extensions

Another great option are fender extensions. Replacing your stock fender is quick, easy, and will give your bike a custom look that people will enjoy as you leave them in the dust. They are made of high grade ABS plastic and can be found in Harley’s OEM colors. If your paint job is custom, you can buy one that’s unpainted too.

Stretched Side Covers   

OEM side covers are fine. There’s nothing wrong with them, they fit, they match your bike. So, if want your bike to look “fine”, then you don’t need an upgrade. But, if you want your bike to look good, great, awesome, or sleek, then you’ll want to invest in HogWorkz stretched side covers. These covers blend beautifully with your saddlebags and existing bodywork.


If you were hoping to see a part that we didn’t mention, don’t worry! We only covered our personal favorites, HogWorkz makes a ton of products that went un-noted. Any combination of their products might serve as the key to your perfect Harley bagger. Once you have created your very own masterpiece, comment below and let your fellow riders know just how you did it. They’ll be glad you did. Thank you for reading!

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