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Klim Takes it to the Streets with New Motorcycle Helmets

Posted on 10 Feb 2017 in Powersports | 0 comments

You may be familiar with the brand Klim if you do any type of offroad riding, like snowmobiling or dirt bike riding.  Klim has built a reputation in the offroad world as the premium brand for apparel and helmets.  They limit themselves to producing only the highest of quality gear.  They are a company of hardcore riders who make gear that they would want to use.
Now, Klim has taken their passion to the streets.  With three new premium lids, they are positioning themselves in the upper echelon of street helmets All serious riders now have a Klim helmet to choose from, whether they are looking for a dual sport, modular or full face helmet
Before these helmets were released to the public, they went through the most rigorous testing that any manufacturer could put their product through.  They were given to experienced riders to ensure that no stone was left unturned.  From comfort and aero acoustics to luxury features and durability, everything is refined for a premium helmet.
And like the rest of the products in Klim’s catalog, don’t expect any gaudy or flashy graphics.  They truly embody the mentality of function over form.  Even though the graphics are minimal, the natural aesthetic of the helmets is great to look at on its own.

Krios ADV Helmet

Bridging the gap from Klim’s wheelhouse in the offroad to the street is the Krios ADV helmet.  Klim’s introduction into the ADV/Dual Sport realm was met with much success with their line of jackets and pants.  The highly technical gear can now be capped off with the Krios.  With the same technical and proficient design, it is a must have for the serious rider.

Klim Dual Sport Helmet

The main focus of this lid has to be functionality and practicality.  Constructed with high performance carbon fiber, it is not only one of the strongest dual sport helmets, but also holds the distinction of being the lightest in the category Weighing in at the minuscule 1500 grams/3.3 pounds, your head and neck will thank you after a long day of riding through rough terrain.
True to the spirit of ADV riding, this helmet is extremely versatile.  With four different configurations, the Krios can be modified to excel in any dual sport riding condition Ride with the peak and shield on for the traditional dual sport approach, which consists of meandering through the backroads. Flip the shield up and throw on your favorite pair of goggles for an extended jaunt through dirt terrain.  If you are heading out on single track trails all day, use the quick-release feature on the shield and remove it all together. Use your goggles and you have an excellent MX style helmet.  And finally, for the high speed runs down the highway, pop off the peak to eliminate buffeting.
TK1200 Modular Helmet
For the long haul touring riders, a modular helmet combines convenience with necessary protection.  But many modulars leave much to be desired. And the longer the haul is, the more you start to notice everything you don’t like about your helmet.  Klim’s goal is for you to forget that you are even wearing a helmet with their TK1200 modular helmet. They have dubbed it as the World’s First Grand Touring Helmet.

Klim Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Comfort is everything when you are laying down serious miles all day long.  Like the other helmets in their lineup, the TK1200 is extremely light. It weighs in at just 3.25 pounds (which is relatively unheard of for a modular helmet).  To make it even more comfortable, the sizing system and 3D padding used for the helmets provide a snug fit without any pressure points Klim designers also worked hard on engineering the best aero acoustics to make the helmet very quiet and stable at highway speeds.
Safety is also baked into the TK1200.  The chin bar was designed to break away upon impact if you happen to be riding with it in the open position.  Having it break away reduces the rotational forces that can cause severe head and neck trauma To protect you from other motorists, this lid features retroreflective materials in the back. The rear of the helmet will illuminate when lights hit them.
The drop down sunvisor has become a common selling point for many other modular helmets.  But they are clunky and add weight to the helmet.  To get around this, yet still provide functionality, Klim uses Transitions® adaptive lens technology in their shield.  The shield reacts in real time to the changing UV levels and tints accordingly.  No more fussing with levers and buttons to get the shade you need.
K1R Full Face Helmet
For the hardcore sport touring rider, the K1R delivers everything that you need to ride your best.  Klim purpose-built the K1R to excel in long distance riding.  Fatigue is caused by a few things- weight, noise, comfort and improper ventilation.  This Klim full face attacks all three.  Weighing just 1320 grams/2.9 pounds, this lid is barely noticeable on your head.  It is, in fact, one of the lightest helmets on the market.

Klim Full Face Helmet

Like the TK1200, Klim engineers worked diligently to make this helmet’s aero acoustics as good as it can be.  That means it will be much quieter than many other helmets, while still being stable at high speeds.  And ventilation is not sacrificed to accomplish this either.  The intelligent venting allows for massive airflow, yet the acoustics are not affected as much as some other helmets.
Like all Klim products, the K1R has all of the nice fit and finish that you would expect from a premium helmet.  It features the Transitions® adaptive lens technology in their shield to eliminate the need for a drop down visor or the need to swap shields throughout the ride Virtually all pressure point are eliminated to make the helmet as comfortable as possible The liner and cheek pads are 3D molded for an excellent fit and feature moisture wicking and hypoallergenic properties as well.
Premium helmets are not for everyone.  Klim knows this, but they refuse to sacrifice on quality.  That is why whenever you see a Klim product, you can know that you will be overly satisfied with how it performs.  Their new street helmets are no different and you can expect to experience the best riding with one of these helmets on for your next ride.


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