Trick Out Your ATV/UTV With The Latest Accessories

Trick Out Your ATV/UTV With The Latest Accessories

So you’ve got yourself a new wheeler.  Now it’s time to start making it your own.  Sure you can go the typical route of swapping out the tires and exhaust (for performance, you should still consider these options).  But there are so many more options out there to add a little more flair to ride that will definitely make it stand out from the rest.  These accessories may not add flat-out performance, but they will add style and personality.

XK Glow Accent Lights

LED accent lights have become a fairly common accessory in the custom motorcycle scene and now the goodies are showing up in the offroad world as well.  Fresh to industry, XK Glow is upending the accessory lighting category with their innovative new technology.  The XK Glow light kits show what really can be possible when you combine the latest technology with high quality LEDs.

UTV Accent Lights

Controlled by a smartphone app, the XK Glow light kits are controlled to display in just about any configuration that you can think of.  With their color selector, you literally have millions of options to choose from.  16 million to be exact.  Color options are available via two different options.  The first is by using the color palette in the app to select the desired colors.  But you can also use the app in conjunction with your phone’s camera to select a color from another object (like the colors on your wheeler).

What really sets the XK Glow accent lights apart is their additional technology.  Their kits include a Smart Brake function, which can be connected to your machine’s brakes.  The accent lights will  light up red when the brakes are applied.  With the whole machine lit up, it will be hard to miss your stopped machine.  The lights can also be synched up to your music to flash and change colors with the beat of the song or be synched to get brighter the faster that you drive as well.  And if you forget where you left your machine, you can find directions to it through the smartphone app.

Rigid Industries Radiance Light Bar

Just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean that you have to stop riding.  Headlights can only do so much.  If you want to light up everything in front of you, there’s nothing better than an LED light bar.  Rigid Industries is one of the leaders in this category, with LED lights for any and all applications.

UTV LED Light Bar

The new Rigid Industries Radiance light bar combines the legendary performance of Rigid light bars with a look that has not yet been seen before.  The Radiance includes colored backlighting in addition to the powerful primary LEDs.  The backlighting is available in white, amber, red, blue and green and is wired separately from the primary LEDs so that it can be illuminated while the primaries are off.

The Radiance light bars are not just for show, though.  The primary LEDs are built for serious duty and are a bright white.  The forward projecting Broad Spot optics are a perfect blend of a spot and flood beam pattern.  This allows you to be able to see far, wide and right in front of you with absolute clarity.  The LEDs are housed in a high-grade aluminum alloy housing to keep everything protected from even the most extreme offroad riding.

Boss Sound Tube

When you’re cruising around all day, why not crank your favorite tunes?  Over the past few years, speaker tubes have grown in popularity due to their ruggedness and ease of installation/operation.  Leading the charge in this category for a while now is Boss Audio with their superior systems.  Their latest offering, the ATV30BRGB, brings the offroad audio game to a whole new level.  With weatherproof 6.5” poly injection cone speakers, 1.5” high performance tweeters and a built-in 450 watt-max built-in amp, this Boss tube can blast out your favorite tunes without a problem.

ATV Speaker Tube

But there is a kicker that makes this tube stand out from the rest.  The speakers on the ATV30BRGB include a multi-color illumination option.  So just like the light accessories listed above, you can customize your light tube to match the rest of your ride.  Heck you can even choose the color to match the music that you are riding to.  The colored lights are controlled with the included wireless remote, which can change the color, brightness and mode of illumination.

With an auxiliary input, the sound tube can be connected to any device with an aux output, including smartphones and MP3 players.  It is also Bluetooth capable, which makes connecting to these devices much easier and allows for you to play music through your favorite music streaming app.

Vision Wheel 551 w/Color Rim Protector

Wheels are a common upgrade for ATVs and UTVs.  That’s nothing new.  What is new is the ability to swap and change components on the wheels to better match your ride.  Vision Wheel’s 551 series of offroad wheels allows you to do just that.  With a removable nylon rim protector, you can choose the color that best matches your ride.  Plus, the rim protector will keep your bead protected from rocks and other debris so you can ride through it all without worrying about flats.  Vision wheel offers the nylon rim protector in red, yellow, green and blue.

Red ATV Wheel

You’re wheeler is an extension of who you are.  Why not customize it with the best accessories to make exactly what you want it to be?

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