Scorpion EXO AT950: The Do-It-All Helmet

Scorpion EXO AT950: The Do-It-All Helmet

ADV bikes: the go anywhere, do anything motorcycles that have taken the riding world by storm.  The appeal is simple.  These bikes allow you to go where you want to, even when the road ends.  ADV motorcycles have become highly specialized to handle all sorts of terrain and riding conditions.  Now it’s time for the riding gear to catch up.

Because of the do-it-all ability that ADV bikes have, riders need gear that can handle all riding conditions as well.  Technical jackets, pants and suits have seen major advancements to deliver exactly what an ADV rider needs.  Helmets have seen some decent progress with the introduction of the dual sport helmet, but there still is not that one perfect helmet.  Scorpion, though is certainly taking their best jab at it with their new lid.

The new Scorpion EXO-AT950 modular dual sport helmet aims to tick all of the boxes that the modern dual sport rider has on their checklist.

Scorpion Modular Dual Sport Helmet

According to Scorpion’s own Frank Esposito, “The AT950 actually meets the needs of a lot of different types of riders and that’s what’s going to make this helmet so popular. It will obviously appeal to the Adventure Touring crowd, but with the peak visor removed, it’s also a great touring helmet. Additionally you can remove the face shield and use goggles for when it’s dusty. The aggressive styling will also make it popular with the urban riders and the UTV crowd.”

Obviously, Scorpion is setting their sights on all sorts of riders with the AT950 helmet.  With all of its included features, it’s certainly not an unobtainable goal.  Ever since the dual sport style helmet was invented, riders have been demanding a modular option.  Now, after 3 years of development, Scorpion is giving them exactly what they want.

With the advantages of a dual sport helmet and modular helmet combined, the AT950 can be converted into exactly what you need it to be to match the style of riding that you do.  The easy-flip chin bar provides you with the convenience of being able to have a drink of water and converse at stops without needing to remove the helmet.  The release system works effortlessly with one hand and locks into place at the top for an open face.  The visor peak actually rotates with the chin bar to provide more room up top, allowing the chin bar to be fully lifted up and out of the way.

One major advantage of the helmet being a dual sport style, rather than a plain modular, is that you gain a wide field of view.  This allows you to see all of the terrain around you so that you can make quick judgements on the best line to take while offroad.

For when things get really dusty, the shield can be removed to allow the use of dirt goggles.  The eyeport will fit most styles of goggles nicely to keep a snug fit and prevent any dust from getting into your eyes.  Conversely, when you’re ready for a high speed run or prefer the jet fighter look, the visor peak can be removed to reduce wind drag.

Aside from the innovative new design, the AT950 includes some very nice features, which adds to the helmets versatility.  A smoke internal drop-down sun visor can be easily deployed and retracted with a gloved hand via a sliding switch on the side of the helmet.  Pockets behind the cheek pads provide space for communication device speakers to be added to the helmet with ease and comfort.  The optically correct shield features an EverClear No-Fog coating as well as an anti-scratch coating.  And the KwickWick II anti-microbial liner will keep your head cool, dry and smelling fresh, even on those long off-road adventures.

Built with a polycarbonate shell, the AT950 is not the lightest helmet available, but it is right in line with most modular helmets at 3.9 lbs.  Three shell sizes do help to keep the overall size and weight down on the helmet.  The chin bar features a dual position vent with one setting for de-fogging and another for pure ventilation (it can, of course, be closed as well).  A chimney vent up top brings clean air through the channels of the helmet and out the rear exhaust vent.  The AT950 carries a DOT rating a nice 5-year warranty.

As one of the first of its kind, the Scorpion EXO-AT950 modular dual sport helmet has set a high bar for the almost certain future entrants into this new category.  The helmet has very nice features, hits an untapped category of riders and comes in sub $300.  Scorpion should be really proud of this one.

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