HJC Marvel Helmets: Ride Like a Super Hero

HJC Marvel Helmets: Ride Like a Super Hero

There’s something about riding a motorcycle that makes you feel like a superhero, even if you aren’t weaving through traffic and avoiding catastrophic attacks from villains.  You are, though, piloting a high powered machine in the open air as you cruise through the streets.  That’s enough to let your imagination go wild to make you feel like your favorite comic book character.  It’s that feeling that makes HJC and Marvel’s partnership so perfect.  Now, even if you can’t ride like a super hero, you can look like one.

HJC, the number one helmet producer in the world, is teaming up with Marvel to create three stunning graphic packages available on two of HJC’s most popular helmet models.  The graphics resemble the comic book star’s uniform.  This first release includes Iron Man, Captain America and The Punisher.  But don’t worry if your favorite Marvel character isn’t on the list.  HJC is planning on expanding the options to include more comic book characters in the future.

HJC Marvel Helmets

For those wanting a more technical helmet, the Iron Man graphic package on the HJC IS-17 is what you’re after.  It seems fitting that the most technically advanced character finds his home on the helmet with more features.  The Iron Man IS-17 comes with an amber tinted shield and a smoke tinted drop-down SunShield to closely resemble the real Iron Man helmet.  The SunShield can be deployed easily by one touch, even with a gloved hand.  If the amber lens isn’t your style, the RapidFire Shield Replacement System makes it a breeze to swap out shields.

The helmet features a lightweight Advanced Polycarbonate Compact Shell with a superior fit to be light and comfortable.  Integrated with Advanced Channeling Ventilation, you will be able to stay as cool as Tony Stark.  The SuperCool interior also works to keep you cool and dry by wicking away moisture.  The interior is also anti-bacterial to keep it smelling fresh for longer.  You can customize the fit by swapping out the cheek and crown pads as well.

Both The Punisher and Captain America graphic packages are available on the popular HJC CL-17 helmet model.  You can expect the same quality of helmet from the CL-17 that you would from the IS-17.  One of the main differences is that the CL-17 does not include the internal drop down SunShield, though.  The CL-17 helmet is also SNELL rated, while the IS-17 carries only the DOT rating.  So if you want to test your powers on the track, you may need to channel the riding skills of either The Punisher or Captain America.

Whichever comic book character you choose to rep on your lid, you can be sure that you are riding with a solid motorcycle helmet with some bad ass graphics.

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