New LED Motorcycle Headlights Turn Night to Day

New LED Motorcycle Headlights Turn Night to Day

The motorcycle world seems to evolve in segments.  When something new and game changing comes along, we slowly start to see it filter throughout the industry and become a fad.  Over the past few years, bright and efficient LED lighting has grown into one of the most popular fads.  At motorcycle rallies, you are starting to see more and more bright beams of white light from LED headlights.  But it’s not just about how they look.  These headlights can brighten the road ahead of you at night, so much so that it appears that you’re riding into daylight.  They also make your bike more noticeable to oncoming traffic.  It’s getting very hard to not notice these motorcycles equipped with the LED lights, not only at night, but during the daylight as well.

As the popularity of these powerful LED motorcycle headlights grows, there are getting to more and more players in the game.  Aftermarket companies are recognizing the demand for more and better options and this spring we are seeing a good selection from some of the very best brands.  Two of those brands really stand out with their latest options.  Both J.W. Speaker and Custom Dynamics have come out with their own unique spin on the product.

J.W. Speaker

LED Motorcycle HeadlightJ.W. Speaker has been at the forefront of the LED headlight revolution.  Their initial offerings changed the game and really sparked the trend.  They are the manufacturer of the Harley-Davidson Daymaker, but it’s the offerings under their own name that are really getting people talking.

The latest addition to their lineup is the Model 8790 Adaptive LED Headlight.  The key word in that title is “Adaptive.”  With all traditional motorcycle headlights, there is always that dark, blind spot while cornering.  The lean angle of the bike does not allow for the light to hit this critical area on the inside and leaves you blind.

The 8790 Adaptive Headlight will dynamically fill that void with a directional beam that is activated as the bike leans.  The light uses sensor technology to sense when the bike is leaning and will automatically direct the light beam up or down as the bike goes through the lean.

The adaptive lighting is a great improvement to the already stunning lighting technology that the J.W. Speaker headlights use.  The 8790 is a “plug-and-play” installation for almost any motorcycle that uses a H4 connector and is currently using a PAR56 (7”round) headlight.  Some bikes may require a separate mounting ring kit.

Check out the video below to see the adaptive headlight technology in action.

Custom Dynamics

Custom Dynamics LED Motorcycle HeadlightAs a long time trusted and respected motorcycle lighting manufacturer, it should come as no surprise that Custom Dynamics is entering the game with some serious competition as well.  The new TruBEAM headlamps provide some serious lighting power by using a complex design that consists of three low beam LEDs and two high beam LEDs.  Custom Dynamics uses a combination of reflector and projector type LEDs to produce a superior light with a light color temperature of 5800K.  To put that in perspective, the color temperature of daylight is also around 5800K.

The integrated halo ring not only adds a bit more light projection, but also adds a cool element of style that you just can’t get with a stock light.  The TruBEAM is available for just about any motorcycle with 7” round, 5 ¾” round, and two 5 ¾” oval options available.  They are also made to be a “plug-and-play” installation for any H4 connectors.  Built as the same size as stock headlamps, no trim ring is needed for installation.

What’s really cool about the Custom Dynamics TruBEAM headlamps is that they are designed to work with other LED lighting components for a complete lighting overhaul on your motorcycle.  An optional LED trim ring with integrated amber LED turn signals can be added to the 7″ lamps to add even more style and functionality to the headlamp.  LED windshield trip for bikes with fairings is also available to totally complete the look.

No matter which option you choose, the future is definitely bright for LED motorcycle lighting options.

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