New Icon Jackets- Spring 2016

New Icon Jackets- Spring 2016

With the prime riding season just around the corner, it’s time for all of the new goodies to hit the market.  Over the past decade or so, the release of new Icon gear has been one of the most anticipated each year for many riders.  With every release, they continue to refine and redefine what motorcycle gear looks like and this year’s spring release is no different.  With some completely new lines and a refactoring of a few top flight existing lines, the excitement is certainly warranted.  Here’s a look at some of the new Icon jacket options for Spring 2016.

Retrograde Jacket

As the latest entry into the Icon 1000 line, the Retrograde is as good as it gets.  Being the premier jacket of this year’s release, you can expect that this jacket not only looks amazing, but will also perform like a top-of-the-line motorcycle jacket should.  The philosophy behind the 1000 line is to create a piece that you would be happy to wear if you could have just one until the end of days.  It has to hold up to abuse and still look great.  The 1.1-1.3mm Select Grain leather chassis is rugged and will break in to perfection with a patina that just cannot be replicated.  The jacket comes in either brown or black.

Icon 1000 Brown Jacket

As with all other Icon 1000 products, the Retrograde is finished off with a fine attention to detail.  The cut is in Icon’s “Attack Fit,” meaning that the arms are pre-curved and ready to be in the riding position.  The cut, combined with the elasticated leather panels, work to eliminate bunching while riding.  Unlike some other high-end “fashion” motorcycle jackets, the Retrograde comes with a full complement of D3O armor in the shoulders, elbows and back.  A removable insulated SatinCore vest liner and laser perforation venting broadens the seasonality of the jacket.  The shoulders even feature alloy shoulder sliders for added protection and style.  The end result is a purpose built jacket that is easy on the eyes.

Icon Motorhead 2

Icon has always been a big believer in the motto, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”  The original Motorhead jacket has been a favorite among riders for quite a few years now.  After a long run, Icon is now giving the jacket a nice upgrade in the Motorhead 2 version.  The follow up version features 1.2-1.3mm TrackSpec leather and a full D3O armor kit.  It offers you the protection that you need for hardcore riding.  But unlike most track specific gear, the fit of the Motorhead 2 is much more relaxed.  The fit combined with the subdued styling make this jacket a great option for serious riders on any style of bike.

Icon Leather Jacket

One of the new features found on the Motorhead 2 is the expanded elasticated rear shoulder panels to add more mobility to the jacket.  It also includes more perforation venting along with wrist and chest vents to allow you to wear this jacket into the warmer months.  On the inside of the jacket, you will find a removable, fully sleeved SatinCore liner for the colder months.

Raiden UX Jacket

Just like when the 1000 line was released, the introduction of the Raiden line was an entry into a completely new niche of riding.  With the boom of ADV/dual sport riding, Icon decided to put their spin on ADV gear with the Raiden Line.  The DKR led the way with an extremely durable and heavy duty chassis.  The Raiden UX jacket builds off of the DKR and adds more mobility and all-weather protection, which can be hard to find in any other offering in this category.  The UX uses a 4-way stretch HYCOR waterproof/breathable chassis to provide protection from the elements while still providing excellent range of motion.  When you’re riding hard offroad, the jacket is going to stretch and move with you and will help to prevent fatigue.

Icon ADV Jacket

The fit of the Raiden UX jacket is fairly relaxed, which will also aid in the mobility of the jacket.  Along with the Hycor membrane, the jacket features fully taped seams to keep it completely waterproof.  There is also a removable hood to help you stay dry once you get off of the bike.  Pit zips and a large rear exhaust vent provide the air circulation you need to stay cool.  A fully removable insulated SatinCore liner allows you to wear this piece into the colder months.  A full complement of D3O armor keeps you protected from impacts that are sure to happen in extreme offroad riding.

Wireform Jacket

The Wireform is another brand new addition to the Icon jacket lineup.  As a three season jacket, the Wireform has the flair and features you would expect from an Icon sport bike jacket.  The Icon Attack fit and pre-curved arms allow you to comfortably get into and stay in the tuck position, yet is still relaxed enough to be comfortable for all day riding.  Integrated, accordion flex zones also allow you to be mobile, no matter the position you are in.  The Dynax Ballistic Nylon chassis offers slide protection while still being flexible.

Icon Textile Jacket

This jacket is built to be functional in all riding conditions.  With Level: 1 waterproofing, the Wireform can keep you dry until you can get out of the rain.  The removable insulated SatinCore liner makes the jacket warm enough to be worn deep into the fall months.  Reflectivity is baked into the chassis to provide the visibility you need in low light conditions.  The full D3O kit will keep you protected on impact as well.

Oildale Conscript Jacket

The Conscript is a new take on the existing Oildale platform and adds a bit more flair over the more subdued original.  The original Oildale featured either a black or brown waxed canvas chassis, where the Conscript is not shy with its camo canvas chassis.  Like the original, though, the Conscript’s camo canvas will develop a unique patina as it breaks in over time, providing you with a one-of-a-kind look.  It features the Icon Sport fit, which makes it ready to be ridden hard in.

Icon Camo Jacket

Another area where the Conscript differs from the original is the side panels.  It now has 3D mesh along with the stretch Ballistic nylon panels to add more ventilation.  The stretch panels are the same that is found in high-end racewear and allows you to ride as aggressively as you want.  Again, this jacket features a full kit of D3O armor to keep you protected.  A removable, insulated SatinCore vest liner is also there to keep you warm on colder rides.

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