New Avon TrailRider ADV Tires- Proven Around the World

New Avon TrailRider ADV Tires- Proven Around the World

Every year we see a new batch of motorcycle tires that come to the market bearing claims of better handling, longer tread life, and an all-around improved connection between your bike and the earth.  Some live up to their proclamations of excellence, while others fall flat.  The hard part is separating hype from fact when the new tire is first released.  This dilemma leads to many riders holding off on purchasing a new set of skins until they have been reviewed by a publication that they can trust.

If you happen to be a rider who needs the proof and you’re looking for a new ADV tire, you’re in luck.  Last summer, Avon launched a new line of on/off road tires dubbed the TrailRider, which is replacing the outgoing Distanzia tire line.  Targeted for the new style of big ADV bikes, the TrailRider was designed to accommodate the unique demands that those bikes present.  With a 90/10 street to dirt design, it is meant to be a great highway touring tire, yet still provide the bite you need for the occasional gravel or logging road.

Avon ADV Tire

In the product description, Avon states that you can expect a responsive ride with enhanced traction without sacrificing mileage on the tire.  This is due to using the company’s latest technology, a new “super-rich silica compound,” which allows the tire to handle in all conditions (even wet) without reducing the life of the tire.  The 3D interlocking tread sipes help to reinforce tire stability, permit limited tire flex, and allow it to warm up very quickly.  The TrailRider is available in both bias-ply and Radial options.

Avon has entered new territory with their industry-first triple compound construction.  The triple compound allows the tire to rack up the miles on the center patch, while still having a grippy compound on the outer edges of the tire for better cornering abilities.  They are also very stable at higher speeds, allowing you to let your big ADV open up and still hold a true ride.

These product descriptions are nice, but real world feedback from expert riders is the gold that inquisitive riders really rely on before making a decision.  Fortunately for those that are interested in the Avon TrailRiders, the guys over at Earth-Roamers went on a heroic motorcycle trip across the globe with the TrailRiders equipped on a Triumph Bonneville T100 and a Yamaha XT660R.

Traveling from Europe to Thailand, they were able to keep the same front tire throughout the entirety of the trip.  For the rear, the crew did have to make one replacement during the trip.  The Earth-Roamers rode the rear to the tire’s wear marker, which they estimated was after they had put on about 25,000 kilometers (just over 15,500 miles).  This was through some of the most grueling terrains on the globe and where other tires have failed to make it through.

With adjustments in tire pressure, the Earth-Roamers proved that the TrailRiders are suitable for both the heavier bikes like the Bonneville and mid-sized bikes like the XT.  They experienced exceptional tire longevity without having to sacrifice grip and handling.  The tires outlasted and outperformed all of the other tires that they had experience with in the past.

See the full review of the Avon TrailRiders over at Earth-Roamers to see just what they put those tires through.  Throughout their blog, they give updates on the tires at multiple points, not just at the end of the 25,000 kilometers.  This is the kind of feedback that can certainly influence your decision.  For many of you, it may just lead to your bike being fitted with a new set of Avon shoes.

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