New Year’s Resolution: Become A Better Rider By Following These Tips

New Year’s Resolution: Become A Better Rider By Following These Tips

Looking for a resolution to make for the upcoming New Year’s celebration?  Sure you could devote yourself to a diet and exercise plan that you will almost certainly abandon as soon as your favorite dessert or beverage is passed under your nose.  There’s just no excitement in those kinds of resolutions.  Why not focus on something that you will actually enjoy?

Swinging a leg over your motorcycle is one of the most unique and fun pastimes that you can have.  It may even be your favorite thing to do.  But you may not be riding to your full potential and that could be limiting your riding experience.  This year, take your riding to the next level and have more fun doing it.

Riding Motorcycle

We’ve compiled some of our top articles on riding tips to get you started.  You can use these tips to make 2016 the year of becoming a better rider.

Don’t Make Common Riding Mistakes

Limiting mistakes while riding can lead to a safer and more efficient time on the pavement.  But before you can eliminate the mistakes, you need to know if you are making them.  Go through our list of riding mistakes to see if any of them sound familiar.

Article: Do You Make These Riding Mistakes?

Become the Master of the Slow Race

The dreaded duck walk.  Don’t be the rider who plods around in slow traffic and parking lots with their feet down.  By learning how to manage your clutch, brake and throttle in the right way, you can move along at a snail’s pace with your feet on the pegs.  Make going slow a competition (the slow race) to motivate yourself to improve upon your traffic riding skills.

Article: City Riding: The Art of Riding Slow in Traffic

Learn to Ride in the Rain

When the skies open up, many riders either pull over or dread every second of white knuckled riding.  It doesn’t have to be that way, though.  By knowing what to look for and how to prepare, learning to ride in the rain can not only make it safer, but also enjoyable.

Article: Tips for Riding Motorcycle in the Rain

Clean Up Your Shifting For a Smooth Ride

The standard procedure of shifting works just fine.  Roll off throttle, pull in clutch lever, make shift, release clutch lever, roll on throttle.  Everyone who rides knows how to do this.  What everyone doesn’t know is that it’s not the only way to do it.  Clutchless upshifting and rev matching while downshifting are two techniques that can smooth out rides with seamless shifts.  If speed is your concern, these techniques can also shave valuable seconds off of your lap times.

Article: Take Your Shifting to the Next Level for a Smoother Ride

Become a Rider of the Night

Just like riding in the rain, there are dangers that you face while riding after the sun goes down.  Riding at night is almost inevitable, so why not enjoy it.  If you do the right things and wear the right gear, you can make riding at night far safer so you can keep your stress level at a minimum.

Article: Tips for Riding Motorcycle at Night

Share Your Ride with Another

Riding is your passion.  Why not share those experiences with someone else.  Riding with a passenger can be an amazing experience, but it’s also a completely different ballgame compared to riding solo.  Before you lay down the miles with someone on your pillion, make sure that both you and the passenger know what to expect.

Article: Learn to Ride Two Up on Your Sport Bike

All of these articles are a great place to start on your journey to becoming a new rider in the New Year, but don’t stop there.  By working on your riding skills, you can make each ride more enjoyable.  If you’re a seasoned rider, let us know in the comments what some of your tips are on becoming a better rider.


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