Reinforced Flannel Shirts for Fall Riding

Reinforced Flannel Shirts for Fall Riding

Fall and flannel go together like chrome on a cruiser.  Most guys have their favorite flannel shirt that they are just waiting to bust out once the temps start to drop in the fall.  They look great, feel great, and are timeless.  Flannels have long been a favorite garment for riders, but they just don’t offer the protection that you need if you put the bike down on the pavement.  That’s where the new reinforced flannel shirts come in.

Scorpion Exo Covert Flannel

Both Scorpion and Speed and Strength have seen the trend of riders hitting the streets in their favorite every day flannels and have reacted.  Both companies have developed reinforced and even armored options over the past few years and this year they have brought their shirts to a whole new level.  The styles are more on point to what riders want and the protection is better than ever.

Scorpion Covert Flannel Riding Shirt

Scorpion’s newest entry into the casual riding apparel realm is completely on point style wise for what many riders want.  The Covert flannel shirt embodies that classic “lumberjack” look, but in a non-pretentious way.  This shirt is built for purpose and looks that way too.

Scorpion Riding Shirt

What’s more important, though, is the protection that Scorpion has baked into the Covert.  Behind the cotton/polyester outside of the shirt, the Covert is fully lined with 165G DuPont Kevlar fiber to give you the slide protection that you need.  All critical seams are stitched up with their own exo-stitch process to ensure the piece stays together under a slide.

To step up the protection level further, there are mesh pockets sewn on the inside to hold Sas-Tec C.E. certified armor.  These pockets are located on the elbows, shoulders and back for protection in all the high impact areas.

The Covert shirt is finished off nicely with the right touches.  The front closure features snaps on the outside for the look, but is held together for safety with a YKK zipper.  The wrist closure features both a snap and Velcro to keep the sleeve from sliding up.  A drop seat in the back gives you more coverage, especially if you are riding in normal jeans.

Speed and Strength Rust and Redemption Armored Shirt

For the rider that wants something that’s a little more moto-style, the updated Rust and Redemption armored shirt from Speed and Strength should stand out.  With the S|S Redemption patch sewn on the back and the “louder” plaid patterns, this shirt was born for the street.

Speed and Strength Riding Shirt

The SS shirt has the rider in mind with the cut as well.  The ergonomics of the shirt will work well on most bike styles due to the expansion gussets located on the back of the shoulders.  This eliminates bunching and allows you to stretch your arms out to any kind of bars.  Another nice touch for the rider is the belt loop pant attachment system to hold your shirt in place.  No flapping in the wind or lift in the back and it will even stay in place if you go for a slide.

For protection, the Rust and Redemption shirt differs from the Covert in two ways.  First, the SS shirt comes with a full suite of removable Vault C.E. approved armor for the shoulders, elbows and spine, where the armor needs to be purchased separately with the Covert.  Where the SS shirt falters a bit is that it is not fully lined with Kevlar.  It does, however, feature Kevlar fiber thread in the shoulders and elbows to beef up those high impact areas.

The Rust and Redemption flannel also has some nice finishing touches.  A YKK zipper is used on the front closure to keep it securely shut and is hidden behind the snaps that you would expect on a flannel.  The main material is a cotton/poly blend, which provides the feel and look of a good flannel.  Snaps on the collar and chest pockets are there to keep them from flapping around.

All things considered, both of these motorcycle riding flannels deliver on quality and are a huge step up in protection from your everyday flannel.  They allow you to ride in the style you like, but will give a little more peace of mind knowing that they got you covered if you go to the pavement.



Nice review, Ryan. I actually own both (I’m a motorcycle-gear reviewer) and I find that the Scorpion Covert offers better value due to its whole inside chassis being lined with Kevlar, instead of the couple of panels on each arm of the Rust and Redemption shirt. That said, the latter (i.e. Rust and Redemption shirt) is very comfortable and manages to pinpoint the lumber hipster look just as well as the Scorpion Covert shirt. But, fit the SAS-TEC 1/02 limb protectors and the SAS-TEC 1/14 back protector to the Scorpion shirt, and the Covert shirt comes up on top.

I do really like the way that Speed and Strength has evolved and I’ve no doubts that this brand will continue to evolve nicely and be on par with other better-known brands.

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