Easily Customize Your Bike with New Kuryakyn Tri-Line Accent Trim

Easily Customize Your Bike with New Kuryakyn Tri-Line Accent Trim

Sleek.  Classic.  Timeless.  That’s what the all new Tri-Line accent pieces from Kuryakyn are all about.  The late-model Harley Touring bikes are begging to be dressed up and the Tri-Line accents can help your Harley stand out from the rest.  The attention to detail that these trim pieces add will give your bike that polished finish that is sure to grab attention.

The Tri-Line accents can breathe new life into your bike from front to back with options available for the dash and fairing up front to the saddle bags and Tour-Pak in the back.  The line uses a sleek scalloped styling to accentuate the lines that already exist on the bike.

Chrome Harley Trim

The best part of this new line is how easy it is to install each piece on your bike.  All of the pieces either replace a dull, existing trim piece or are easily placed on the bike where a trim piece accentuates the existing lines.  The pieces are installed on to the bike with a extremely sticky and durable 3M adhesive.  Some riders may be a bit apprehensive about a part that isn’t “bolt-on,” but they shouldn’t be.   The adhesive tape used on these parts is made to last.  It also makes the installation insanely fast, giving your bike a whole new look in an afternoon.

Each piece is made from durable injection molded ABS.  That means that they are going to be lightweight and will last for a long time.  Most pieces are available in either a chrome or gloss black finish.  Hardware is necessary for some pieces, but it is either included or you can re-use your stock hardware.  Stainless steel replacement hardware is included with the chrome options.

The Tri-Line products are all about giving the new Harley Touring bikes a stand-out, classy look.  To start, the whole cockpit can be gussied up with trim pieces available for every component.  Both the Boom 4.3 and 6.5GT BOOM! Box infotainment systems are accommodated.  The cockpit assortment includes trim accents for the stereo, speedo and tach gauges, fuel and voltage gauges, speakers, glove box, and the switch panel.

Harley Dash Trim

The outside of the fairing can also be livened up with trim for the headlight vent, windshield, and also with accents for the Batwing fairing.  The windshield side trims take this boring area of the fairing to a whole new level by covering the rubber-molded base that transitions the fairing to the windshield, while the headlight-vent accents draw your eyes in on the headlight.  The Batwing accents add some flair to a normally bland and boring area of the bike.

Harley Fairing Trim

Don’t forget about the back of your ride.  You can keep the sleek lines flowing throughout your bike with accents and trim pieces for your Tour-Pak and saddlebags as well.  With a kit for each, you can frame the rear and side lights of the Tour-Pak, or do just one or the other.  The front of the Tour-Pak can also be enhanced with trim pieces for each side.  Those trim pieces really look great when you also include the saddlebag accent pieces.

Harley Tour-Pak Trim

You don’t need to be a custom bike builder to add sleek new styling to your Harley.  With the new Kuryakyn Tri-Line accents and trim pieces, anyone can do it.  In an afternoon, you can dramatically change the look of your bike.

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