New MagnaFlow Harley-Davidson Exhaust

New MagnaFlow Harley-Davidson Exhaust

Riders who attended the 75th Sturgis Rally were treated to the releases of many new bikes and aftermarket motorcycle parts from all of the top brands.  Among those releases was the all new lineup of Harley exhausts from MagnaFlow.


Last year we saw MagnaFlow make waves in the motorcycle world when they partnered up with Arlen Ness to create a great looking line of exhausts.  Now, they are doing it again with their own line of aftermarket Harley exhausts.  The new lineup features full systems, slip-ons and headers.  Whatever option you choose is sure to make your Harley look, sound and perform better than ever.

Take a look at the breakdowns for each one below to find a new MagnaFlow exhaust for your Harley.


At the apex of the new lineup is the Rockstar 2-into-1 system.  The short swept drag styling of the system is a perfect upgrade for your tuned bagger.  The Hi-Flow louver core muffler will move some serious air to give you the performance that you crave.  The 3” tip delivers a deep and aggressive sound and rap that will put a smile on your face from idle all the way to full throttle.

Every aspect of the Rockstar is done with style, from the swept look all the way to the fine details of the junction cover.  You can even rotate the scallop cut tip of the exhaust to put it in your desired positon.  Have it turned down to blast off the pavement, turned out for passersby or turned up for the world to hear.

Rockstar Harley Exhaust


The Riot 2-into-1 is for the riders who really want to notice their upgrade from where sound and performance are concerned.  With a large 4.5” tapered end cap and the Hi-Flow perforated core, the Riot produces a deep throaty tone that rumbles throughout the powerband.  That same setup is also what allows your bike to really put the power down.  Your hopped bike will be able to shine with this system.

The short mega-phone muffler and precision-cut end cap make the Riot a statement piece on your bike.  The race bike styling of the Riot will give your Softail a sporty look, like it’s ready to hit the track.

Riot Harley Exhaust

Top Gun

To get that deep throaty rumble on your Touring bike, take a look at the Top Gun slip-ons.  These mufflers also feature a 4.5” end cap that produces a deep, roaring rumble throughout the powerband of your V-Twin.  The Top Guns are built with MagnaFlow’s Pro-Flow, 3 step perforated baffle cores, which allows great airflow to produce a noticeable increase in throttle response and power.  These slip-ons will mount to your stock or the MagnaFlow headers.

Top Gun Harley Exhaust


For a slightly less aggressive slip-on, you need to check out the Knockouts.  With a still impressive 4” end cap, the Knockout mufflers will still give your bagger a deep tone throughout the powerband.  These slip-ons also feature the Pro-Flow core for performance.  Throttle response, torque and style are all wrapped up nicely in these slip-ons.

Knockout Harley Exhaust

Pro Duals Head Pipes

Now that you’ve seen the slip-ons, you need to check out the head pipes.  The Pro Duals allow you to create your own complete system when you combine them with your slip-ons of choice.  With full coverage heat shields and a dynamic stance, the Pro Duals offer better air flow, style and even reduced heat on the rider’s leg.

Pro Duals Harley Exhaust

Legacy Classic

Old school styling with modern performance is what the Legacy Classic exhaust system is all about.  This 2-into-2 gives your bike a heritage inspired look with an upgraded and bold stance.  Like the Rockstar system, you are able to rotate the 45° slash cut end cap to set the look to your own liking, whether it’s turned down, out or up.  The louver core baffles allow a free flow to add power and performance over your stock set-up.

Legacy Harley Exhaust


The Bandit exhaust system takes the same bones of the Legacy pipes, but adds some really unique finishes.  The exposed muffler tips provide a raw element to the pipes.  Add that with the MF badges and you get a distinctive style that will turn heads from both the hot rod sound and the look.

Bandit Harley Exhaust


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