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Keep Your Cool: Love Jugs Harley Cooling Fans

Posted on 10 Aug 2015 in Powersports | 2 comments

There’s something that a lot of riders realize when they go to rallies like Sturgis and Daytona.  “It’s hot.  It’s packed.  And my bike is starting to overheat!”

These hot summer months are not the friendliest to air-cooled V-Twin motorcycles.  Then add on slow moving rides and traffic jams and you have a recipe for disaster.  The heat is going to build fast if you’re unable to get on the open road.  And we all know that that can lead to serious engine damage and failure.

If you ride in these stop-and-go conditions a lot, you may want to seriously consider adding an aftermarket solution to engine overheating.  Growing to be one of the most popular choices is the Love Jugs cooling systems.

Harley Cooling System

The Love Jugs cooling system consists of two small, yet very powerful fans that are strategically mounted where the most heat builds up on each cylinder head.  These fans are then able to push an abundance of air across the cooling fins to dramatically drop the operating temperature of the engine.

How dramatic is the drop?  In a demonstration video,  on a hot 90 degree day, the Love Jugs are able to drop the operating temperature of an idling Harley by 100 degrees in only a little under 6 minutes time.  You can see it in action for yourself in the video below.

There are a lot of different cooling options out there.  Oil coolers, as one option, work great when you’re moving.  But once the engine drops to idle, you’re not going to get the RPM needed to circulate the oil enough for proper cooling.  On the other hand, the fans on the Love Jugs system will keep you covered even when you’re idling at a dead stop.

Not only do the Love Jugs systems work well, but they also look amazing too.  Possibly the best part of the Love Jugs next to their efficacy is that once installed, they look like they are Original Equipment.  The fans look like they belong on the bike.  Offered in either chrome, flat black or gloss black, the cooling systems can look great with any bike setup.

If you have a Harley, the chances are pretty good that the Love Jugs will fit on your bike.  That is because they will work on 98% of all Harleys.

Mounting the Love Jugs can be done by just about any rider who knows how to follow instructions and how to turn a wrench.  With a few different mounting options available, you can expect to have your system installed within 15 minutes to an hour depending on which route you choose.

The most common mounting technique is to use the horn mounting of your Harley.  For this option, everything that you need to install the cooling system to the bike comes with your Love Jugs system.  The bracket on the system is made to work perfectly in conjunction with the stock horn mounting.

There is also a frame mounting option to help eliminate the negative effects of the well-known engine vibration on Harleys.  This option will also relocate the horn so that it is frame mounted, which will reduce the vibration on that component as well.  Installation will take a little longer, but the long term benefits might be worth it for the riders who pile on the miles and want everything to last longer.  The frame mount kit does not work for all Harleys, though, so you must make sure that it will fit your bike.

So if the heat is getting to be too much for you and your bike, show your Harley some love.  The Love Jugs will dramatically drop the engine temperature of your Harley fast.  With overheating issues solved, your engine can last much longer and you and your passenger will have a cooler ride too.



Ryan is one of the lucky ones who gets to combine their passion with work. He has enjoyed powersports his whole life and now gets to write about it. Ryan has been around the industry since High School and continues to enjoy learning and sharing about powersports with others in his role at DK.


  1. Chris / August 12th, 2015 21:44

    Sorry guys there is better out there now by Stars design with real testing reports no extra brackets and just bigger. Not a a computer fan.
    See it at http:\\ granted you have to move the horn.

    • Rob / March 29th, 2017 11:41

      Your linky is stinky!! (link http:\\ does NOT work)


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