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’16 Speed and Strength: Refined New Motorcycle Jackets

Posted on 05 Aug 2015 in Powersports | 0 comments

Refinement.  Making incremental changes to something to improve on something that was already successful.  Also, to remove the unnecessary in order to make the object more pure.  See the new 2016 Speed and Strength lineup for a perfect example of what refinement in motorcycle apparel can be.  The SS gear just keeps getting better with every release and they are doing it by nailing what works and keeping the style minimalistic.

Refined and minimalistic these new jackets may be, but they are definitely not lacking in functionality and comfort.  All of that is baked into the new releases with no detriment to the style.

For style, Speed and Strength has nailed down the asymmetrical look.  They had amazing success with last year’s Top Dead Center and Throttle Body jackets and it makes sense to stay with it.  All three of the jackets in the new Fall Release feature the asymmetrical look (aside from the blacked out colorways).  The difference being that the new offerings are a little less “in-your-face” with the majority of the jacket being black and the colored panels being a smaller portion.

For serious riding jackets, Speed and Strength has three new options with this latest release.  The Light Speed and Hammer Down for men and the Backlash for women.  Check out the breakdown for each below.

Light Speed

At the Apex of the Fall lineup is the Light Speed jacket.  With this jacket, you will be getting the best protection and comfort in the new SS gear lineup.  The Light Speed is constructed on their all new AR1000 Super Stretch-Fit material.  The AR1000 material is durable and is going to be able to hold up to long slides, yet it stretchy and will stay flexible to give you all day riding comfort no matter what riding position you are in.

For impact protection, the Light Speed jacket comes with a full sewn-in suite of their Vault C.E. armor, including shoulders, elbows and spine protectors.  TPU sliders are built in on the outside of the shoulders as well.  Discreet reflective piping along the front and back of the jacket will keep you visible when riding in low light conditions.

The style of the Light Speed is what refinement is all about.  Branding is at a bare minimum, which is a nice touch for riders who are not fans of looking like a moving billboard.  The contrast stitching works to bridge the asymmetry jacket across the jacket and to tie in the colors nicely. It works to break up the blacked out colorway too.

Light Speed Jackets

Hammer Down

Next up is another new addition to the men’s line of jackets, the Hammer Down.  The Hammer Down is really built for comfort, making it a great option for commuting and around town riding.  It is constructed with SS’s new AR500 Super Stretch-Fit material.  It will not be quite as abrasion-resistant as the Light Speed jacket, but it may be more comfortable.  This jacket feels much like a soft-shell jacket when worn.

For the price point that the Hammer Down is at, Speed and Strength really stepped up by still including the full suite of their Vault C.E. armor, including shoulder, elbow and spine protectors.  All of the armor is fully removable too.  The jacket features a reflective trim and logos for night time.

Compared to the Light Speed jacket, the Hammer Down brings in a bigger pop of color (aside from the blacked out colorway).  The SS logo is going to be larger on the Hammer Down, but still done in a manner that doesn’t scream, “Look at me!”  All in all, it’s a jacket that can look and feel great on any style of motorcycle.

Hammer Down Jackets


Speed and Strength certainly did not forget about the lady riders in this fall release.  The Backlash is a great fitting, feeling and looking jacket and closely resembles the men’s Hammer Down.  It is constructed with the same AR500 Super Stretch-Fit material too.  The cut and fit of the jacket flatters the female shape and can be adjusted to fit just about anyone.  At the waist are the Lockdown waist adjusters to cinch to the desired tightness.  On the dropseat are two zippered gussets that can add about 2 inches of circumference when fully unzipped.

Once again, we see the full Vault armor suite in this jacket for impact protection with every piece being fully removable as well.  The Backlash also features well placed reflective trim and logos.

The Backlash looks great.  The asymmetry really gives the jacket a nice punch of color without being over the top.  The branding on the Backlash is dialed back a bit with the off-center “SS” logo, helping to balance out the asymmetrical pattern.  Offered in either black, white, red, pink or Hi-Viz, the Backlash will look great with any bike.

Backlash Jackets

Of course, these are just some of the new additions to Speed and Strength lineup.  The styling refinement has been applied to some new armored hoodies and riding denim too.  The new additions strengthen the entire SS lineup to have something for any rider.

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