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New Exhausts for New Indian Scout

Posted on 21 Jul 2015 in Motorcycle | 2 comments

When a new bike is released, it’s always interesting to see all of the aftermarket parts trickle in for it.  We want to see what we could do with this new platform and how we could improve it just to our liking.  With the 2015 Indian Scout being released for almost a year now, we are starting to see some great products come into play and both current and future owners are getting excited.

So what’s the upgrade that almost every rider thinks about changing first?  The exhaust, of course.  With an exhaust swap you can instantly improve the looks, performance and sound of a bike.  What more do you need?  Plus, it can be a fairly easy job to accomplish, especially if you opt to only replace the slip-ons.

Trask exhaust Indian Scout

It usually takes a little while for aftermarket companies to jump on R&D for creating products for a new bike line.  They need to know it will be worth it.  With the early success of the Scout, we are seeing new stuff come in at a good pace and exhausts are in that group.  Let’s take a look at what’s available now.


Trask must have sensed that that the new Scout would be a success because they released their own aftermarket pipes not long after the bike was released for sale.  Trask may not be a household name just yet, but they certainly know all about performance.  Their expertise in this area really shines through with their 2-into-1 offering for the Scout.  Their stylish slip-ons accomplish performance as well and they both look amazing.

Looking at the Trask 2-into-1 system first, you have to start with the potential power advantage.  This system is going to give you gains throughout the entire power-band and will push your max horsepower much higher.  Your bike will be snappier and faster with it installed.  Trask developed the new pipes on a Dyno and managed to push their Scout to a max 97.94 horsepower and 74 ft-lbs of torque with the exhaust and Trask high flow air filter installed.  When they ran the bike stock on their Dyno, they were only able to grab 82.27 horsepower.

Performance gains are nice, but this 2-into-1 looks great too.  The new header pipes create a cleaner profile compared to the stock set.  Trask definitely took a more streamlined approach by shortening the overall system and because it is a 2-into-1, the system is much more confined.  It is constructed with seamless steel pipe that has been mandrel bent and comes with a full heat shield.  You have the choice between three finishes, all chrome, all black ceramic or a mix of both with chrome headers and black ceramic muffler.

Indian Scout Trask 2-into-1

If you don’t feel the need to replace the whole system and still want the look of a 2-into-2 system, Trask has just the slip-ons available as well.  You will still see performance gains throughout the entire power-band and also experience a better sound from the slip-ons vs. the stock mufflers.

With the shortened profile with the Trask slip-ons, you get a nice vintage, yet modern look that is a little less in your face compared to the stock mufflers.  They are available in either chrome or ceramic black to provide a nice contrasting look.

Trask slip-ons


Also taking an early spin with the new Scout is Bassani.  At this point, Bassani is just going the slip-on route.  They have three offerings that should get the attention of many of you first-run Scout owners.  They are going with a more full length muffler, but with a much cleaner approach.  Two of the options feature a slash/bologna cut, one chrome and one black to achieve that contrasting look.  The third Scout slip-on from Bassani is aiming for the old school look with fishtail ends.  All three are constructed with 16-gauge steel.

The Bassani Xhaust Performance slip-ons have seen a bit of a delay coming to market, but judging by the sound that you can hear in the video below, they will be well worth the wait.

As the positive feedback on the new Indian Scout keeps rolling in, more and more aftermarket companies will be trying to get their piece of the pie.  Fortunately, some awesome brands like Trask and Bassani have jumped right in to give the new Scout riders some awesome options to customize their bikes.  What would you like to see be produced for the Scout next?

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  1. lewis peni / December 31st, 2015 18:46

    Hi there just wanting to know the cost of the chrome bassani exhaust performance slip-ons for I have just purchased a brand new scout and love the sound .


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