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New Harley Air Cleaners from Bahn & Crusher

Posted on 15 Jul 2015 in Harley-Davidson | 0 comments

Everyone knows Kuryakyn.  They are consistent with their high quality products that look and perform just as well or better than anything else and their air cleaners are a perfect example.  They add style and performance to your bike.  But now Kuryakyn is hoping that riders will know two other names just as well theirs.  Both the Bahn and the Crusher Performance brands, which are offshoots of Kuryakyn, have just released their own air cleaners to help your bike breathe easier while having a great custom look.

Harley Air Cleaners

Following the trail that was blazed by Kuryakyn, Bahn and Crusher have designed their air cleaners to conceptually fit into a full line of products.  In other words, you can give your bike a complete design when you use products from the entire line to avoid that hodge-podge look.  Of course, they do look great on their own as well.

Classy, sleek, svelte.  These are just a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe the new Bahn air cleaners.  This is mid-century modern inspired styling at its finest on a motorcycle.  A Harley finished with the Bahn air cleaner is what you would imagine the members of the Rat Pack would ride around (if they ever put down their martini).

Offered in two finishes, chrome and Tuxedo, the Bahn air cleaners are void of any logos or branding stamps.  Just pure, clean finishes for a great custom look.  The minimal styling of the forged aluminum cage leaves large openings, which allows the engine to pull massive amounts of air through the cleaner.

If the modern look isn’t what you envision for your Harley, then maybe the precision machining and gleam of the Crusher Performance Maverick air cleaner is more to your liking.  The Maverick air cleaner was designed to match the on-point styling of the Crusher exhaust under the same name and together produce great power for your Harley.

In addition to the finely machined outer cage, the Maverick is finished off with a stainless-steel Crusher embossment and mesh covering over the center of the cleaner.  The outer edges and mesh allow the filter to still draw ample amounts of air through to the engine for maximum power production.

Speaking of power, both the Bahn and Crusher air cleaners are designed to be used with large power plants.  Both are based on Kuryakyn’s high-flow air filters with maximized air induction entries.  The K&N filter element is reusable for the lifetime of the air cleaner and is going to allow the most amount of air through with the least amount of debris.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter if you choose Bahn over Crusher or Crusher over Bahn.  With either, you are getting a great looking part that was created with over 25 years of experience behind it.

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