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Dennis Kirk Action Camera Review

Posted on 24 Apr 2015 in Powersports | 0 comments

We’ve come a long way in video technology over the past decade.  We’ve gone from making our own contraptions for mounting handhelds to our bikes and ourselves to having cinema quality digital video cameras that are smaller than a deck of cards that can be mounted to just about anything.  The rise in popularity of the action camera can really be pinpointed to the genius marketing of the GoPro.  But that rise in popularity and growing interest in capturing our lives in HD has also opened the door for new competitors.  There now are action cam options for everyone, with each offering something different.  GoPro has become the name synonymous with action cams, but that could certainly change with these new competitors nipping at their heels.

Recently GoPro released their latest cameras, the Hero 4 Black and Hero 4 Silver.  You can check out our detailed breakdown of those cameras in this article.  We have also done a breakdown of the promising new addition to the action camera world, Waspcam, which you can find here.  Both brands offer HD video, but each have their own little tweaks to set themselves apart.  To learn more about each and a few other options, check out the Dennis Kirk Action Camera Review video below.

These cameras are amazing and better than anyone could have imagined not too long ago, but they are just the start of the action camera revolution.  There are some incredible new additions coming on the horizon and they are geared specifically towards the powersports world.

Sena will be entering the competition with two of their own cameras.  The Sena 10c is camera and a communicator built into one.  This will ensure the best voice recording for your rides with the units built into one on this helmet mounted combo.  The Sena Prism is their stand alone action camera that will boast to be the first one with authentic Bluetooth technology.  The Bluetooth functionality will make this camera a great choice for riders who want premium audio recording capabilities.

Garmin has been a minor player so far, but they have just announced that they will be releasing their all new Virb X and VIRB XE this summer.  These cameras will be exciting for those riders who love to know their own stats.  The new Garmin action cameras will have built-in sensors and use Garmin’s G-Metrix to be able to record data like acceleration, engine RPM, G forces, lap times and more.  These stats will be synched to the video so you will know exactly how you performing.

The future is bright, but if you can’t wait, pick up one of the great cameras that Jon featured in the video above and start recording your rides and adventures to share with the world.

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